Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today is Bob's birthday! He is 1 year old!!!!!! He (and Egypt) got a yummy dessert tonight of peanut butter and bananas - they enjoyed muchness.

And sorry -thats all for now because I'm too tired to blog - I have had a half written one sitting in the edit box for a week now and just need to finish it already!!! Promise it will be up soon though!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celeb Status - oh yeah!

Had to share a Facebook message with the world - it made me smile :) 

"I would looove to meet Bob! For me, meeting him would be like meeting a celebrity, only better." 

Oh yeah - Bob's pretty much a big deal around here lol. 

Thanks Abbey - we can't wait to see you and Baily!! 

Bob's cough is much better by the way - Haven't heard him cough since he started his meds :) 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cold and Flu season....

That includes doggies too apparently... Bob has a cough...

Close up of Bob's face right in the camera. He is yawning and the lens might as well have gone down his throat. You can see a few black spots all the way on the back of his tongue and the only thing in focus is his tongue and teeth, everything else including his nose and eyes are out of focus
Can you see his birth mark lol?

The Vet unofficially diagnosed Bob with Kennel cough over the phone today. He has had a funny cough for a couple of days now and I called the Vet's office earlier to get him an appointment. At first I thought he was just getting fuzzy stuff stuck in his throat as there is a small hole in his dog bed but we went out of town and the cough followed so call to the vet it was. It doesn't seem to be affecting him or his over all well being. He's eating and drinking and pooping all normal... Basically he when he gets excited he has a short (no more than a minute or two) episode of coughing, it sounds really dry and wheezy and then he'll hack a bit like he's trying to clear his throat.. All this was told to the vet over the phone and he's pretty convinced its just Kennel Cough. He doesn't want Bob to actually go into the office though because its highly contagious and would like to avoid any exposure to other's pets... I'm fine with it though because I'm pretty sure it was transferred to me at another Vet's office anyways. Apparently it can travel on clothes! Hopefully I didn't pass it onto any other pups when I went and visited GDTX to give them pictures the other day :/

If he gets worse over the next week (after taking antibiotics that I'll pick up from the parking lot of the Vet tomorrow lol) then I'll take him to the Vet. The Dr. said if anything worries me enough to go ahead and bring him in. He just wants to take precautions for now since he's pretty sure its just a cough.

Good thing is Egypt isn't showing any signs - maybe she has been able to fight it, she's older and I imagine her immune system is a bit better than his... He had Giardia and Coccidia at the same time once and she only picked up Coccidia so lets hope she doesn't pick this up from him.

Anyway, Bob probably won't be going too many places with me this week - we'll just let him rest and get over it.

Keep ya posted - send chicken soup and teddy bears!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Massive doses of cuteness here!!!!

Guess what I did on Monday?!?! Well, Darrell and I - we went up to Austin to visit the puppies again and take them to the Vet to get wormed or something.. yellow stuff went in the mouth thats all I know. We got to have ourselves a little play session to get them good and tired out for the Vet visit and then we brought them back to do a (shhhhh) Christmas card photo shoot. Yup - we put them in little christmas sweaters and made them sit all in a line and smile at the same time... just kidding lol. It was actually a lot harder than it seems - trying to get a good shot of 8 puppies that now can walk and semi run - that means they're fast, fast and squirmy - but we handled it. You won't get to see those pictures though for obvious reasons lol.

Back to the cuteness I promised - Here are some pictures of the play session and Vet visit.

Picture of a puppy laying inside of a big round puppy bowl with a dome in the middle so the food stays on the outside
The puppies got some fish oil and Alamo got a little too excited - he obviously thought there wasn't enough on his side lol.

A close up of a puppy face who is looking to the left side of the frame, You can see the backside of mom in the background
I think this one is little Atlas - please ignore mom's behind in the background :)

Darrell laying on the ground with a puppy standing on his chest and licking his face, the puppy is about he size of a small football with little stumpy legs, one paw is on Darrell's face
Darrell getting some luvin from Alamo. 

Two puppies laying on the ground, one is holding up her front half and her mouth is open in a pant, she looks like she is smiling though
I'm pretty sure the smiling one is Ava but not sure which one is next to her. 

a close up of a puppy that is sucking on darrell's hand
nom nom nom 

This picture is from the Vet's visit - we threw all the puppies into 2 laundry baskets (to make them carry-able) and loaded up the Guide Dogs Van. Darrell's job was keeping the puppies from escaping on route. The puppies are just about too big to be hauled around in the baskets.

a picture of a puppy asleep inside of a laundry basket with his face up against the side, his top lip is starting to come up so you can see his little teeth and tiny canines coming in
see his little teeth!!! and tiny ears!!!!! ah! 
Ah! Ok thats all the photos for now - just know that Bob hasn't been living in a cave I just haven't gotten any good pictures of him lately. I did have a really cool experience with him the other day though. We went into a Petco that I have never been into before and our mission was to find the bathroom - the girl's room to be specific. Well we took an entire lap around the store with no luck - so we did it again and found the area at the back of the store. Now the mission was to find the right door. Bob first led me down a hallway to the employee's room - we quickly turned around lol. Then he found the area in between the boy's and the girl's bathroom - there he needed to 'work it out' and find the correct bathroom. He sniffed the bottom of the girl's door quite a lot and I thought he would stop and let me know he had found it but he just kept on sniffing and then he moved onto to the boy's door and seriously took the longest whiff I have ever seen/heard him take... I had no idea his lungs could expand to that much. After that one long whiff he went straight back to the girl's door - took another (shorter) whiff and stood there and looked at me like "Did I find what you were looking for?" We had a little party there in the hallway when he did this. I was so excited because I had never worked him with the boy's room and to see him actually work it out and find the correct one by comparison was exciting. They family he spent the month with in apparently did some good work with this find (thanks Ron!!).