Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stupid Zyrtec

Ok so it's about 7:00 AM over here and I can't sleep.. been up for a few hours trying but it's just not gonna happen lol. I took some zyrtec to help out with my issues and got maybe 4 hours but then I woke up and now can't get back to sleep so yup, thats it. Anyways, I actually have an announcement to make!! Yay for announcements lol. There are some big changes in this apartment going on and it's about time you all know about it.

Ok so 1. We are getting a kitty - She will be official on Tuesday after her vet appointment. She is a stray that Darrell's brother found (along with her mean sister). He has had them for a while but doesn't want that many cats so when Darrell heard he wanted to give them away he couldn't let her go lol. We have met her several time over at their place - she's perfectly fine with Egypt so hoping she will be with the puppy too. Her name is/will be Qena (pronounced kayna) - Qena is a region in Egypt so yup.. lol When we called the vet to make an appointment they were totally confused when we spelled it for them haha.

That leads me to number 2. It's time for a change of name for my blog because guess what! My puppy is coming!! Yay for puppies! I found out on Thursday and wanted to announce it the day he came (yes it's a he) but I just can't wait, plus I need all ya'lls help with the name change lol. So, his name is Bob and he's a 10 week old yellow lab. Born on November 21st. He's flying in all the way from New York with his sisters Piper and Celia.. Well I know at least 1 sister is coming, not sure about the other... So yup, I'm just too excited lol.. and a bit paranoid.. haha.. mainly about potting at school and making noise in class but other than that I don't really mind what he does anywhere else.. not like I have to see those people every single day like I do my class-mates and teachers you know...

Ok so on to the names for my blog.. I can only think of about 3 right now but I really only like 1 of them so any thoughts or input would be welcome lol.

My first one that I like is "What about Bob?" I stole it from that Bill Murray movie - I love that movie haha. Thought it would be a cute name for the blog.

Second is "Bob's blog" - no explanation needed there lol.. kinda lame in my opinion though.

Third is "A Bob and his Bone" - this one is ok but I know it can be better lol.

So get with the helping and either vote for your favorite or suggest some of your own!

Also, potty-training poll - what cleaning items do ya'll take with you incase of accidents?
I know I'll have to relieve bob on concrete for the first 15 weeks or so - that means at school too so what do you all suggest to make that go easier for me?

Oh and I'm not telling you what day he'll be here - that is still gonna be a surprise!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lola says hola!!

Ok, she really can't speak spanish but it rhymes so there you go... Lola is a 9 month old GLX that we have been sitting since Monday.. Sorry for such a late post.. It's been a weird week. Anyways, on to the dogs.. She is very sweet but doesn't listen too well lol. She still has a puppy face but if you were to look at her from behind she looks old haha. She has medium length hair and it's all wavy right on top of her spine. Now, on to activities, well actually there really isn't much to say, when Lola first got here she had a bit of a limp in her right front leg.. the puppy raising manager, Michelle, thinks its panosteitis. So she stayed at home the first 2 days and went and got an x-ray on Wednesday but the vet hasn't given any results yet so she is taking an anti-inflammatory medicine right now.. It smells really bad lol.. we have to dump it on her food each morning.. yuck. So yeah, not too many trips for Lola, we go on short walks but after about 5 minutes she starts limping more and I get worried.. so not too much activity this week. She and Egypt are getting along ok but if they start playing too rough we have to break it up... especially so she won't hurt her leg more just incase it's something serious... so yeah, not too much news. Sorry such a boring post. But here are some pics to make up for it. 

Lola is sleeping on a bed we have on the edge of the couch. Her back end is facing off to the left, so she is laying on her right side there, but in the middle she twists and her front end is facing the right so she is laying on her left side. Her head is also on its left side facing the right but its hanging off of the bed so it looks kind of upside down.
Here she is sleeping kind of funny. I don't know if you can tell but her head is actually side-ways, doesn't look to comfortable to me... 

 This is Lola sitting next to her fur pile, it's about the size of a dinner plate and probably five to six inches high, mostly air of course but still a big pile lol
I felt bad because she couldn't go anywhere so decided I could give her a good grooming.. I think she might be blowing her coat because we took off a lot of hair lol.. It doesn't look that big in this pic but I could have filled a grocery bag about half way with this stuff lol. 

This is the comparison between Lola's fur pile and Egypt's. Egypt's fur pile is about the size of a large bagel and only an inch or two high.
Egypt also got a grooming.. her pile is the small one on the right haha. Oh and I didn't mean to lay out all the grooming tools all display like.. they just fell like that ha. 

 this picture is of Lola, she is in the pop up crate, the door flap is open but hanging down so you can see her face through it. The crate is red with black mesh for the little windows and door, she is sleeping on a green blanket inside.
And here she is the pop-up tent like crate we bought at Target for 25 dollars. The first day we had to leave Lola home we were running a little late and when I unplugged my computer the charger fell off the desk and landed a little too close to where Lola was on tie-down... Well she got a hold of it but not too much damage was done and Darrell was able to fix it so no damage :) Point though is we wanted to make sure it didn't happen again so when Ro had mentioned this crate in one of her posts I went out and got one. We figured we could always use it for traveling with Egypt or even when my puppy gets a bit bigger so we don't have to worry about lugging around a huge crate. I like it and as you can tell so does Lola :) 

Just another angle of lola in the crate, you can see her sleeping at the back through the side window, she is between my little nightstand and the wall, there is a blue star shaped toy right outside of the crate.
Here is another angle of it so you can see how big it is.. about a foot is hidden by my night stand so it's pretty roomy, the thing says its good for dogs up to 70 lbs. I think the dimensions are 22 X 22 X 36 so its a decent size, wish it was a little taller but I guess they have to make it a square so it folds right lol. Thats where the real challenge will be. It is supposed to fold up like the window shade things for cars do.. I've never been able to figure those out so we'll see. Wish me luck! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surprise in the Middle - Like Ice Cream Cake :)

Ok, so yesterday was mine and Darrell's 2 year anniversary and he wanted to take me to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. It was very pretty and there was a lot to see. It's a good thing it doesn't snow here or else there would have been nothing around, some were kind of droopy but there was a lot of green in the little buildings. I got some really good pictures, here are a few of my favorites: Click on them to make them bigger.

This is a close-up of water falling over a rock fountain thing. I like taking pictures of water, it's so pretty

Pretty Fountain

This plant is also white and hanging from a tree, it looks like it has these flimsy spikes coming out of it.This plant is white and growing off of a tree, it looks kind of tentacle-ish with longer flimsy spike things.
These are the non-underwater plants haha.

This is a picture of multiple pink flowers, the color ranges from white to dark pink with splashes of a maroon-ish purple on the edges.
I thought these were really pretty.

This is a close up of a huge leaf, the camera focuses on the leaf right in front and blurred out everything behindthis is a really pretty plant with dark red leaves, it has a row of little buds that are mainly yellow but with red on the tips.
And these lol.

This is a big leafy plant probably about 4 feet high, all it's leaves were orange and the sun was shining through it making it glow a little
      This plant looked like it was on fire!

This is a picture of tiny oranges all over the ground next to a wooden bench

This is the tree where all the little oranges came from. It's just a picture of all the leaves and tiny oranges around them.


This is a picture of a long short stair case with really long steps, it has walls on either sides and brown and yellow plants lining it. It's kind of creepy but cool at the same time
        Creepy staircase - probably a lot prettier green haha.

This place was so cool, they even had a Garden for the Blind. It had a little tactile map that Darrell's finger person walked around on.. poor little finger man tripped a few times.. apparently his fingers can't see either haha. This garden would have been really cool if all the stuff was alive. It had all of these really pungent plants like Cherry Sage and Mint plants. Some of them were alive and smelled so good! The even had little statues everywhere that were very textured so he could feel those too.
This is Darrell's hand pretending to be a little man and walking on the tactile map of the Garden for the blind.
This is Darrell's finger man tripping in the map

Darrell's finger man walking on the map.

This is a sign that was in the garden, it says Garden of the Blind, built by the generosity of those who care
This is Darrell checking out a sign for Cherry Sage, it has a description in big letters that pop out of it and a braille description underneath that.
Some signs in the garden. The one Darrell is looking at has big letters and braille.

Anyways, on to the story part - at one point in our walk of the garden we found these glass buildings (I say building but they are like huge plant houses for things that I guess can't grow too well outside) They had very pretty flowers and interesting plants in them. One I thought looked like it should be growing underwater. Well we get to the tallest one and walk inside - it had huge palm trees in it and this big spiral structure and an exit at the top. All ramped so it was easy to get up. Well at the top right around the corner from the door there was a little  bench and Darrell and I decided to take a sit. He then went on to tell me why he chose to bring me to the gardens and gave a little speech about how he can compare a relationship to a garden. When he was done with his speech he said "I also wanted to ask you a question".. Well in the process of saying this he also stands up and reaches into Egypt's treat pouch and pulls out a little box... He then gets down on his knee and proposes to me! I was so excited, I was speechless for about half a second then told him "Ah, No you DIDN'T, no you DIDN'T!! " and then I told him yes ;). We hugged and stuff and he told me about how he's been hiding it from me and that he had gone to the jeweler all on his own and picked out what he wanted. I had no idea that it was coming.. I mean, I knew/hoped something special would have happened that day but had no idea he already had a ring lol. He had actually tried to throw me off the other day by asking me (again) what I liked because he couldn't remember. Things like what cut and yellow or white gold... stuff like that so yeah that made me think he hadn't even started on the whole task haha.
This picture is taken of a tree looking up from the base, it was to show how tall the big spiral building was
This is a picture of Darrell still down on his knee lol, I made him stay down so I could take it.
The tall tree building and Darrell right after he proposed!

This is a picture of my ring on my finger, It's a solitaire marquise cut diamond on a white gold band, cathedral setting with a few extra prongs the jeweler put on
This is a picture of a bunch of small tree trunks that have little spiky things coming out of them, it looks almost furry.
I don't like 'ring on hand' pictures but figured there has to be at least one. Oh and that tree trunk was crazy!

This is a picture of the bench I was sitting on when he asked
This is the bench I was sitting on :)

So anyways, we call our parents and my mom and dad are too excited (his are too haha). Darrell said he had to get on to my dad the other day because my dad had texted Darrell something about it.. Darrell told him that I sometimes read his text messages so don't text stuff like that.. My dad can't keep a secret at all. And, I don't read his texts by the way!!! haha. My mom was at work and Darrell had told her it would be today so when I called and she put me on hold we both had to laugh at her haha.

This picture is of a section of water right after a small little water fall, the rocks underneath are blue red purple and light browns, the water is rippling and is very pretty.A picture of the ceiling of a wooden gazebo we went and sat at later on. It's wood and is laid out in the pattern of a star burst. It used 2 by 6 inch wooden slats to make the whole thing. I'm guessing those dimensions lolThese are some random pictures of the place. The one below is the ceiling of a little gazebo thing. To the right is some rocks in water ripples. This is a picture of me leaning on Darrell in the little gazebo thing, we're just being dumb.
Happy! Darrell's head looks a little blown up in the shot but it's ok :)

 This is a close up of a fence made out of little sticks, it's kind of japanese themed
Still going with the japanese theme, there was a little pond that had a small island in the middle, there were two little trees on it, too cute

The right picture is a wooden fence, really cool looking and on the left is a pond with 2 trees on a little island in the middle.

Anyways, after the gardens I surprised Darrell with dinner at The Melting Pot. Best place ever by the way haha. We had a really good dessert (Chocolate S'more Fondue) and went home all full and stuffed. All around I think it was a pretty good day. Don't you?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The weighing of the wands..

So I was really debating weather or not to post this up but here goes.. why not.

Today I went into one of my classes.. which is the second time in this particular one. I sit at the front so when I walk in the professor asks me "Where's your dog?" In a friendly interested voice. I then explain to him that I'm volunteering and such and Alfie isn't mine and I will probably be sitting several different dogs before I get my own. I also tell him that I would have come and talked to him that first day but there were too many people up there and I needed to take him to the restroom. Well then he tells me "Sorry but you can't have him in here." So I tell him "Oh well since he's in training all the laws are the same them as they are for normal guide/service dogs." So then he says "Well it's a fire hazard and he can't be in here." I thought he was joking so I said "No it's not.." So he says again that yes it is a fire hazard to have animals in the classrooms. So I go ahead and explain "Well service dogs in training have all the same rights as fully trained service dogs" So then he says something like "Oh he's a service dog, ok then but if I have anyone complain then I'm going to make you leave." So I tell him "Oh well I wouldn't worry about that, they're just supposed to lay there and be good." He says "Ok, but if anyone complains, like if they are allergic or something then you can't bring it back in." So then I proceed to quote my little law statement again adding on "It's no different than an actual service dog, if you had a person come in with a real service dog you wouldn't be able to kick them out just because another person is allergic to it." (side-note - it's not at all a small room, there is space to get away from your allergy issue in there if one is present) Anyways, he comes back with "Ok but if it causes any distractions I will ask you to leave." So I tell him that's fine because the only reason he can legally ask anyone to take their service dog out is if it's acting up, but tell him it shouldn't be a problem because they are trained. I then tell him I can bring him a copy of the laws and any paperwork that would be helpful if he likes. So then he says "I don't care what the law says, If it's a distraction you will have to leave." So I don't say OK or anything, I'm not giving into this, I just tell him "Well it shouldn't be a problem" and sit down.

I mean, maybe I'm taking it too personally but was he just determined to come up with a reason to not have a dog in his classroom? I get that they can ask me to leave if the dog is acting up but to just keep thinking of excuses.. the whole thing just really upset me... but there's not really anything to do right now because nothing technically happened you know..

Plus, his reasons were kind of bogus you know... A fire hazard...  what? Maybe I just don't know all the rules but how is that a fire hazard (if anyone knows please educate me because I was completely taken by surprise with that one..) Then about the allergy thing... seriously... would you kick out a blind person and their dog because someone that sits 8 rows up is allergic to it? And then the distraction thing that was fine, if it's being a distraction but I had a 14 week old puppy in there on Monday and get this, the people that sat in the row right behind me didn't even realize he was there until I stood up and walked out. And if it's an issue over people looking and them not being able to concentrate or something.. hello, this is college, not kindergarten, I think it will be ok.

So anyways, I will have to discuss it with two other professors (who didn't see Alfie, because I only took him on the first part of Monday. He stayed home after lunch.. Hopefully they will be more understanding. Wish me luck..

Point of the whole post though is to ask opinions on what ya'll would do. Have you ever had a professor or even an employer try and tell you stuff like this? It wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't a guy that controls my grades and I have to see him every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.. I wasn't mean or snippy to this guy like I was becoming with the other guy on Monday.. He's my professor, I in no way want to be on his bad side... so what to do then? Technically I can't do anything unless there is an attempt to throw me out right? Why add fuel to the fire before it's even started? Anyways, let me know and wish me luck with the others ;)

A clip art drawing of a male teacher behind a desk. He has a mean face and has his arms crossed over his chest

I do want to add that this guy is not a bad guy.. He's a really good professor at the school and is very helpful with the students. He's just strict and I think he just doesn't know enough about the situation. Maybe just a little hard headed too.. Just know.. I don't want ya'll all thinking I have this awful tyrant over here.. he's really not as bad as the post makes it sound lol. I think it was just a bad moment, bad conversation, bad opinions and we're all biased anyways haha.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First day of school and already had to beat down someone

Haha. I'm just kidding. But I did get into a bit of a smack-down with this one guy. Ok here goes. I'm just gonna write down the conversation as I remember it.

Well, first off, Aflie had an amazing day at school with me today, I had to be there an hour early because Darrell's class started at 9:00 and mine started at 10:00 so I spent my hour doing laps around the school having him find me trashcans and seats and sitting at doorways and stairs. He's also really good at stepping up on stairs and curves. Anyways, he did great in class I think he even fell asleep at one point. Lots of people thought he was a grown service dog, like a mini poodle or something. I guess it's because you can't really see his puppy face through all that hair lol. No body really bothered me either, just lots of "Oh he's so cute" This one lady got scared of him, I thought that was kind of dumb.. whatever lol.

Ok, on to the juicy part. I had another hour to kill after class because Darrell also had an 11:00 class. So I decided to go to the computer lab to print out some notes for a class I would need. Well I walk in and as soon as I sit down my phone rings. You're not allowed to talk on the phone in the computer lab so I walk out and come back a few minutes later. Well I'm guessing this guy was watching me because he confronted me as soon as I walked in. Now, before I start the conversation you must know there are 3 characters stared in the play. Me, stupid guy #1 and stupid guy #2. Ok, here goes. Now I say stupid but I really mean uneducated. Not their fault but stupid is more fun to say.

Stupid guy #1: Excuse me, is that a service dog?
Me: Yes, he's in training.
Stupid guy #1 after staring at me for a minute: Well... he can't be in here.
Me: Oh, yes he can, see he's in training so he's allowed to go wherever I go.
Stupid guy #1: Oh ok, well come here for a second.

I follow and he takes me to a little side office right off of the entrance so I couldn't avoid it even if I wanted to.

Stupid guy #2: Ma'am you can't have that dog in here.
Me, starting to get really annoyed by this point: Yes I can, he's a service dog in training.
Stupid guy #2: Well is he registered with Disability Services?
Me: No, I called DS last week before school started and they said I didn't have to do anything.
Stupid guy #2: No listen ma'am you don't understand, you can't bring a service dog in here that isn't registered with DS.
Me: Yes Sir I can, I called DS and they said I didn't have to do anything. I can go right upstairs and have them call you if you like.

So Stupid guy #1 rushes to give me this guys card while guy #2 hands it to me he smiles all sarcastic and says he'll be waiting.
So as I start to walk out here's what goes on.

Stupid guy #2: Sorry but you just can't bring any old dog in here. (This really ticks me off)
Me: Sir, by law I am allowed to bring him wherever I want, here is the law if you would like to check.

I whip out my handy dandy little ID badge that Michelle gave me :) and the guys reads it.

Stupid guy #2: Oh, well that looks all right. You can go ahead, I didn't know you had that.
Me: Well thank you so much.

I was so irked after this. I didn't stay in the computer lab for long but after a while I did call DS to tell them what happened. They said they would send out an email informing them what the rules are.

So yup, there's my big introduction to the world of Puppy Raising I guess...

Does this kind of stuff happen often? How have ya'll handled it?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Darrell Tried to Kill Alfie...

So you know how last night Erin and I went to the movies, well that left Darrell at home with Alfie and Egypt. We left right after Alfie had eaten dinner so that Darrell would get a little break from him, because he has to stay in his crate for an hour after all meals. Well after about an hour Alfie started getting fussy so Darrell took him outside to go to the bathroom. He went and Darrell brought him back inside and attempted to put him back in his crate. Well as he was trying to close the door he noticed some uhh blockage lol. He thought it was just his paw and just kept the door there, not shut but not open either, he was thinking that Alfie would just pull his paw back so he could shut the door. So Darrell kind of moved the door to make Alfie realize, hey kid this door is gonna shut so you better get out of the way. Well after a bit Darrell just decided to shove the paw into the crate and go on his way. Well when he felt up the crate door to find his paw he realized what he was squishing was a little bit bigger than a paw. Haha he was shutting the crate on Alfie's neck, he didn't hurt him or anything. I think it just freaked him out a bit lol. Well that's the story of Darrell's attempt to kill Alfie.

*Disclaimer: No Alfie was hurt in the making of this story, just Darrell's confidence ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

He's like a sponge

Haha literally.. you'll see...

So when we picked up Alfie Beth was telling
us how she hopes that Egypt gets onto Alfie for any behavior he's doing that she doesn't like. Well Beth, congratulations! This is the most vocal I have
ever seen/heard Egypt be. It has definitely had an
effect on Alfie, for about 2 minutes lol. Well, each time they have their little tiffs he backs off for a little bit and then goes right back in haha. You would think he would learn.. so that sponge dries up kinda quickly.

His other spongy qualities come out when he goes for the water bowl haha. His little beard and mustache soak up more than he drinks I think. Darrell ca
me and was walking around the living room and kept thinking Alfie had peed everywhere, he didn't it was just his face haha.

So off to our daily adventure with him. Darrell, Egypt, Alfie and I headed over to UTSA today so we could teach Darrell where his classes would be. Alfie did amazingly! Egypt did a lot better too. Yesterday she seemed really anxious and worried that he was around but today she just ignored him and did her work, so yay! He did really well too though, we found 3 trashcans, lots of staircases and a bunch of doors. He was pretty worn out on our way home but as soon as we got there he thought it was play time... His tiredness just disapp
eared, hopefully it will transfer to tonight ;)

Well thats about it so far, Erin and I are going to go see Avatar in 3D tonight. Darrell doesn't want to go so hopefully Alfie won't drive him too crazy. He's actually been doing really well with him... he likes making him behave and stuff.. feels in control ;) lol.

Well, here are some pictures, sorry none are from school.

Here is his spongy little beard and mustache, he drips everywhere when he's done drinking haha.
This is a close up of Alfie, a chocolate brown fluffy little labradoodle, it shows his mouth beard and mustache are soaked with water

Close up of Alfie's face, he's attempting to lick off all the water

Here is a video of him torturing Egypt.

Incase the video doesn't work right, Click Me for the link to the video on youtube.

And here they are about an hour later, fine with each other, however this only lasted about 3 minutes lol.

A picture of Egypt laying down and Alfie down around her feet, they are both relaxed and content

And the last picture for today!!! My new blue leash from Megan came in!!! here is a picture of it attached to Alfie, the light here makes it look kind of purple but it's actually a really pretty blue :) Thanks Megan!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

And My Camera Died...

So guess what happened today? I took a road trip with our Puppy Raising Manager, Michelle, up to Austin to pick up Alfie! We had a good time on the road and Beth was so helpful telling us about all his little antics he might try. Well we get home and all he wanted to do was play with Egypt.. she didn't really know what to make of him. Hopefully she'll warm up to him though, at least he got a lot of energy out by running around and trying to get her to play. After that we took off to the mall and I had my first real working session! He was really good! I was pretty surprised because with Egypt behind us I thought it would be a big distraction but he didn't really seem to care. It was only when Darrell got a head of us when he 'noticed' her and wanted to catch up. He loved finding the stairs and was really good at putting his front paws up on them.

We came home, 'busied', set up his crate and then had some dinner. He's in his crate now and it's almost time to let him out. The puppies aren't supposed to have any activity for about an hour after they eat so he gets in the crate and I write the blog lol.

Sorry there are no pictures, I got my camera out to snap some and guess what.... dead battery... thanks camera lol. I'll add some later ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burn that list!

Ok, nothing really about puppies or dogs but I have managed to finish most of that list I made yesterday. Yay for me! So here's a recap of my finished chores.

I dusted.
I vacuumed and carpet cleaned the whole apartment (Minus Erin's room because I'm just not going into that disaster zone).
I swept and mopped the tile surfaces.
I cleaned out the car.
I cleaned the bed that Sammy had his accident on. (Did I tell that story? We left for about an hour to go get something to eat and we came home to a puddle on the dog bed. Now it wasn't like he was trying to mark or anything I think he just couldn't help it. He just got started on some new meds for his allergies and I think it was just one of those things. Poor boy, he was constantly drinking water and we took him out before we left but I just don't think he could hold it. The entire dog bed was soaked. Hope he gets better).
I cleaned the blankets and stuff he used as his actual bed.
I washed the carpets from the bathroom just because they needed it.
I got my hair cut.

And now for the stuff that still needs to be done. Not necessarily by tonight but just before school starts on Monday.

I need to do laundry, which I will start once the blankets are done drying.
The tree still needs to come down.
I need to clean up the kitchen. That might be a job for Erin or Darrell.
I think that's about it..

More puppy related news. Our puppy raiser Manager, Michelle, thinks I'm insane for cleaning the carpet right before I get a puppy but trust me, it's better this way. From Sammy creating a river in the living room to the poo-poo my dad drug in on the bottom of his shoes (twice, thanks dad lol. ). I just felt like it was necessary to get out those smells you know. Just in case. If I have to clean again when he leaves thats ok. We have the carpet cleaner (borrowed from mom) so why not use it! I'll probably wind up getting one of those spot carpet cleaners you know. Hmm, we'll see.

Ok, for the real news, I get to ride up to Austin tomorrow to get Alfie with Michelle! I'm so excited, I get to talk her ear off and learn stuff I need to know for Alfie. I also get to see Beth (Aflie's Raiser) and ask her any questions I need to. So yup, I'm excited to go and that's all my news for now. I'll post tomorrow after I get him.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New shoes and a brush

So I got the last of all my Christmas presents in today. I ordered some Tom's Shoes about a week ago. I was kind of worried about them when I was looking online because they kind of look like old lady shoes lol. But I decided to go for it because all the reviews were awesome. Well I love them, they are very comfortable and even have arch supports in them. Now I'm not gonna go walk a marathon in them but everywhere else is good. I just wish they were a little taller lol. I'm only 4'11" so most of my jeans just barely make the cut lol. Maybe I'll just roll them up haha.

Ok, enough about my shoes. My last Christmas present came in today. It was a giant box from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Darrell had ordered me some goodies right before Christmas but there were complications with the address so it took a while to get in. Anyways, he ordered me a treat bag, a fleece rug for the puppy to sleep on, a dog comb for course/long hair (because GDTx is planning on me having a Golden) and an extra leash. When I asked him why the leash (because Megan is making me one and I'll get one from GDTX) he told me you can never have too many leashes lol. He keeps one by the back door for relieving and lost it once.. I think he felt the pain there lol.

So, I chose to break in the new comb on Sammy, he needed it lol. The poor dog has had allergies and an ear issue so he hasn't been able to have a bath lately. Well anyways, he needed a brushing, I avoided his ear and his tummy (where his allergy rash thing is). He loved getting brushed, as soon as I grabbed it he sat down right in front of me and kept nudging my hands. As soon as I started to brush him he sprawled out on the floor and was on his way to falling asleep, until I made him switch sides lol. So now he's all brushed and ready to be taken back to the kennels tonight.

So tomorrow morning will bring me vacuuming and carpet cleaning. I don't know who lived here before but I don't want a puppy coming in and being tempted by any smells left behind. So yup, we borrowed mom's carpet cleaner and will get after it tomorrow. Hopefully before Darrell gets back from out of town so I don't have to worry about him bumping into all the moved furniture.. Maybe I should take down the Christmas tree too because I know once school starts it will never happen lol. Ok lot of stuff on the list now.

Here is one last picture of Sammy :) I'll post up a picture of my shoes as soon as I can, because I know ya'll are all so anxious to see my shoes right? haha.

This is a close up picture of Sammy chewing on a Nylabone, he's too cute.

Oh, I also need a haircut tomorrow, or the next day.. ahhh too much.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To learn or not to learn?

Ok with school starting next Monday there has been a lot of talk from all of you and whether or not to take the dogs on the first day of school. Well I am getting Alfie this Friday and will be keeping him through next Tuesday. So many of you have said you don't want to take the dogs on the first days of school. I wanted to know why? haha. That sounds a little rude but it's not meant to be lol.

Anyways, I need to talk to the Puppy Raising Manager, Michelle, she already asked me if I would like to take him to school and I'm all for it. I will ask her and whatever she says goes! lol. Anyways, I just wanted to know why ya'll do or don't want to take them.

I will have time in between all of my classes to go home if needed, especially the first days because most teachers don't keep us the whole time. Let me know what you think...

Here's a picture of Sammy for your viewing pleasure ;)

Sammy chillin on the floor in front of the T.V. chewing on a Nylabone

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sammy and My Mission

So there is a lot that has happened the past couple days. I took Taxi back to GDTx Wednesday morning and about an hour later, my mom, sister and I went up and visited my grandparents for the holiday. We came home on Thursday mom left to go back up to my other grandparents. Erin and I had a pretty boring New Years, but I'm ok with that. It was kind of funny because once the Fireworks that Fiesta Texas blows off started I thought it was thunder lol. Anyways, Darrell came home on Friday and we had a last minute wedding to go to this morning. The wedding was between my Uncle and his ex-wife. They had been wanting to reunite for a while and decided to just go for it while most of the family was together for the holiday. It was really spur of the moment but everyone had a good time ;)

At the wedding I met my Aunt's Mom who was asking Darrell and I about service dogs and such. Apparently one of her grandsons became a quadriplegic a few years ago and they were asking about info on service dogs for him. However they don't know exactly how to go about it. I know though that some of you can help out. I already gave her the information for Texas Hearing and Service Dogs in Austin but other than that I'm not sure who else they could look into. So here is our mission - help me out so I can help them with info.

Ok, now on to Sammy. After the wedding we headed home and once we were changed and cleaned up a bit we headed over to GDTx to pick up Sammy. He's a 16ish (maybe lol) month old golden retriever. He is  very sweet and pretty mellow. We had the dogs meet at GDTx and Egypt doesn't seem to mind him much. Not too much to say about him so far but we'll have him till Tuesday evening so hopefully there will be something interesting to report. So yeah. Thats about it so far. Here is a pic of him, he doesn't really look into the camera but he's very pretty so yeah. Maybe he knows that a flash is going to go off in his face, Egypt knows that so she doesn't like looking at the camera sometimes either lol.

This is Sammy, he is a light colored Golden Retriever with brown eyes. In this picture he is looking off to his right a little, his mouth is slightly open and you can see a little bit of his tongue or lip haha. not sure which.

This is a cute picture of Egypt I took up at the River House - Thats where the wedding was.
This is a really cute picture of Egypt, she is walking towards me and one leg is bent under her while doing so. Her head is tilted a little to her left and her mouth is open. Her tongue is hanging out a little bit and she just has the cutest expression on her face.