Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Monday!!

Ok, yay! It's Monday, that means mail is running again, which means that the Guide dog program will get my application either today or tomorrow!! So, I'll get back to you as soon as they contact me. Just had to say it :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So just some random stuff I guess

Ok, I'm just bored now.. waiting for my sister to get off of work so we can go to dinner. I was looking through some pictures trying to find a good picture of our dog Egypt (I say our dog, she is Darrell's Guide dog but non the less a big part of the family). Anyways, I found some funny pics of all of us playing the new Spongebob Operation game. Of course its not fair because Darrell is blind and we are not so we (my twin sister and I) had to modify ourselves. Well, we don't have a blindfold just laying around the apartment so we had to improvise.. haha see below.

* Here is Darrell getting caught trying to conspire against me with Erin (my twin). He does this with every game we play.. especially Monopoly and Clue!

* Here is poor Spongebob and all of his problems.. lol he had stuff like heartburn and elbow grease

* this is my invention of a blindfold.. we couldn't tie the towel at the back (heads are too big I guess) so we secured them with Erin's sunglasses.

* Erin got tired of me "checking" her blindfold so she tried without..  I caught her cheating by waving my hands in front of her face... she cracked up every time

* Darrell and his girl Egypt - please ignore all the mess and wires, this was less than a month after we moved .. yeah fun stuff.

* Here is me trying to show off my pretty new headband, it has a little red feather on it :)

* and Darrell's attempts lol, he was so bad poor boy

Well Erin just got back from work, time to go eat and then off to "The Final Destination" !! Hope all the noise doesn't freak Egypt out.

Oh Why?

Why does no one work on Sunday? Lol.. no email, no mail... And, why is it when I do something that I always happen to do it around Sunday.. Like 2 weeks ago when I ordered my stuff from Lilla Rose? It came in on Monday of course, but if mail ran on Sunday I would have had it then haha. So, I guess it would be good to tell you why I want Sunday to be a running day huh? Well, as you know I put my application in the mail on Friday night. I also sent an email on Friday night. Now I know I'm no where close to getting the puppy but I just want a response!!! lol I guess I just need to calm down, chill for a while and just wait for them to call or email telling me what my next step is. Oh well.. its going to be along Sunday.

By the way, for any other fellow ladies out there - if you want really pretty unique jewelry and hair stuff check out - definitely look. I hate wearing a pony tail rubber band now because of them.. I feel so ordinary with it lol. Never shopping anywhere else again.. Seriously, check it out!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm rediculous

Ok, so I know my letter hasn't even been sent to the people but I am already going crazy wanting to know when I will get a reply or phone call. I did send an email yesterday requesting more information on the puppy raising program. I don't think they work on Saturdays though because I haven't received a reply yet. I actually got bummed out today because I got a phone call from a number I didn't know... Turned out it wasn't them and now I'm depressed.. Oh well, I guess I just have to be patient and wait till Monday. Hope I get a response or phone call or something on Monday or Tuesday. I'll go crazy if not.

The first task

So, its done... The application to become a puppy raiser is now in the mail box. Soon to be floating into the wild blue yonder of the US postal service and off a couple miles to it's destination. It's funny how excited you can be one second and then the next you're just like "oh no.. now I'm going to have to potty train a dog." haha Is it terrible that thats the only thing I'm worried about? Well I guess I'm worried about other things too... like will it (or he, I want a boy) learn with me.. will I screw it up? Will I turn into a crazy mad person when stupid kids try to pet him? Who knows.. either way it's done and I'm excited.. I'm not going to lie, even though it will never happen I would be scared to death if someone dumped a puppy in my lap tomorrow.. but later on in the semester would be ok. Why can't they just come potty trained lol.

Well.. I guess there is no point in writing this blog if you don't even know who I am or anything about me.. My name is Natalie and I am a senior in college - studying in pre physical therapy. I still have 2 whole years in undergraduate and then I can apply to PT school. There will be 3 years there if I get accepted. The reason I decided to be a puppy raiser is really my boyfriend. He is completely blind and has a guide dog of his own. While we have discussed doing the puppy raising program before neither of us knew we would do it so soon.. but what a better time huh? We figured it was the perfect way to "give back" you know, he has only had Egypt for a few months but we already completely love her and she means everything to him. So to us it just feels right to do this for someone else. It all pretty much came around because I wanted a dog of my own but he is completely paranoid about those hoodlum street dogs lol. No, he just doesn't want anything to jeopardize his guide. Which is completely understandable, only problem is, I still really wanted a pet. So, we started thinking more and decided that doing the puppy raising program would be good for us. Notice I say good and not perfect.. I really don't want to have to deal with house training lol.. Oh well, I'll get through it the best way I can. With big rubber gloves and tons of carpet cleaner!

Someone help me.

I'll post back when I have some news.