Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Profile!!!

I'm just excited.. I learned how to do all this in about an hour. What do you think?

doing the transparent pic took the longest but it was worth it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

just some pics

So, I just got a new camera (Nikon D5000!!) so I was goofing around taking some pics so here you go :) Still getting used to it and figuring it out so give me some time for the really good ones :)

Egypt and her favorite ball thing..

This is my twinnie Erin and her Guinea Pig Winston

E.G.-poo (as Darrell likes to call her)

Darrell and his girl :)


play time

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dumb old me..

Ok, so I finally get all the paperwork that I need to fill out and am so excited right?! Well.. turns out that all the meds I'm on for my kidney stone that I currently have are not very good for my mental capacity... So here's what happens.. First.. I live at an apartment right so I go to stick my paperwork in the mail and just as it is sliding in the tiny slot for outgoing mail I see that there is no stamp!!! NO!! So, I peek inside the box and see that there is only one other letter so, I decide maybe if I write the postman a little note on a sticky and staple 2 stamps to it maybe he'll be nice and put them on there for me - cross your fingers! Then, as I am starting to do some homework later on I get a flash of the forms that I filled out about 2 hours ago and realize that I put Egypt's weight as 162!!! So, I quickly log in to yahoo and inform the puppy lady about my stupid slip up and hoping she gets the letters she won't think i'm that big of an idiot.. fun stuff right? Well.. after all this my sis comes home and wants to go eat at Chili's.. I'm already full from a previous meal but decide to go along for some chips and salsa (good Idea knowing I have a stupid rock inside me probably from dehydration and too much salt) but anyways... So we go and I decide I want to color one of the chili pepper pictures for St. Judes.. so I take a second to decide what to draw and the only thing that keeps popping up in my head is Harry Potter (Darrell and I are currently listening to one of the audio books) so here is how it came out.. And thus ends my stupid day :) hope you enjoy.. I wanted to take Harry Pepper home with me.. Erin and Darrell wouldn't let me.

Here he is

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh this sucks...

So, you know how I went out and volunteered on Friday?  Yeah, well I did and I did it knowing it was wet and raining and I was going to be outside for 3 hours in it. So guess who has a cold now?!? Well, it wasn't just the rain and stuff.. was feeling a little down before I went out there.. just contributed it to the change in weather. Well now I have a cold.. yay volunteering!! lol Oh well.. hope I get better soon cause I volunteer with some kids next Sunday and I can't go if I'm sick... Ok, wish me well :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Volunteering and paper work

Ok, so I still haven't received any forms or info in the mail yet... Maybe the lady wrote my address wrong or the post office messed something up. Anyways, I emailed the main lady but it was late so probably no reply until Monday. Other than that I volunteered with them today.. rainy golf thing but was fun. The other volunteer that I worked with was very nice. She said she has been volunteering for 4 years! I will probably be like that too.. they were all so nice. I am really looking forward to working with them and getting more info about their programs. Things are looking good so far :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, so I got an email back from a very nice lady and she told me that they had mailed me some more forms to fill out. So, once I get those back to them I start the little interview process and go on a puppy walk and stuff like that (keep you informed as it all progresses). However, one bad thing is that all the puppies for 2009 are already spoken for :( but she does have 18 puppies lined up for 2010 so hopefully I can get one as soon as possible. Thats a lot of puppies huh? I wonder what their success rate is.. Oh well.. I'm excited.. at least now I know they got my app. and things are rolling.. still wish I could get a puppy in this year but oh well... good things come to people who wait.

That doesn't mean I have to wait patiently though does it?

I gave in...

Ok, I did it.. I gave in and emailed the people about my application.. I didn't want to do it but what if they didn't even get it? What if it went under the seat of the the mailman who picked up the mail? Is it terrible that I did this? Will they get mad at me for being overbearing?? Am I being overbearing? I'm going to see these people in exactly one week to volunteer with them. What if they hate me before they even meet me?

Ok, I'm getting a little crazy now lol. All I wanted was a "thanks we got your application, more info coming soon" thats it.. so why did it make me insane.. Like I said before, I don't mind waiting to get a puppy.. I know the whole process takes time but I want to at least get an update every now and then. Plus, no offense to them. But if it doesn't work out with their program I want to apply at another one as well. So I kind of need an answer you know. Don't want to go applying at two different ones at once and then risk having to let one down by saying I already have a puppy to raise.. Oh well.. I'll be back when I have a reply.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No news yet...

Ok.. so I know its only Tuesday but I live less than 20 minutes away from where the mail is supposed to go, and no response yet.. Maybe they are sending something back to me. Who knows.

On a lighter note I am volunteering with them on the 11th so maybe that will be a good way for me to get my foot in the door huh? Still depressed though.. I'm just a weird little person. I don't mind waiting, but I like to know what's going on you know? So please.. if you are out there and reading this.. tell me what's next!! :)

P.S. Even though Egypt's Birthday was in July.. here's a pic - she turned 2