Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation so far

So, we're on vacation!! Yay!! We left on the 26th for our 15 hour car drive. We're here in Colorado staying at a little cabin that my Oma and Opa (grandparents) own and rent out throughout the year. We drove 8 hours the first day, and the remaining the next. The dogs were pretty good, no real problems except for bed hogs - mainly Egypt because Bob gets up too often, giving her the option to move into the middle. He was laying on the suitcases at one point lol. Overall though the trip was good. We all got here in at least two pieces or less.

View of Bob in the back of the car with his head resting on a suitcase
Hi backseat buddy!

Bob's reaction to the snow wasn't easily judge-able... He was really excited to get out of the car so he was just hopping around and jumping up and down. Now, seeing him go out into the snow for a few days now he just does that, he'll hop a bit or bring his paws way up when he first gets onto the snow. He gets used to it quickly though and acts just like a big, playful, goofball. Egypt's reaction is a bit different, I don't know if she's ever been in snow before but she tends to avoid it when she first gets into it. She'll walk all the way around or pace a few times before going in... then she's fine, maybe its like jumping into a pool you know is going to be cold. You want to jump in but know its going to be uncomfortable so you put it off... just a thought lol. 

Bob making a turn while running in the snow with his hackles on their way up, he is playing with Egypt
Bob playing with Egypt in the backyard.

Anyway, the first day we got in around 5:00 P.M. so we didn't do too much, it gets dark pretty early here because the sun sets behind the mountains. It drops like 2-5 degrees a minute as soon as the sun starts to disappear so it gets pretty cold - the high being around 25-30 degrees. I know that that isn't very cold for a lot of other people, especially peeps up in the northern states, but dropping below that with no sun is enough to get us Texans inside! 

Egypt running full speed in the snow with Bob chasing after her
Catch me if you can!!

These are a few pictures of the dogs playing in the back yard the first day we got here (Monday). Bob stays on the long lead due to all the yummy smelling deer poo that surrounds the houses. The deer here are so used to people, most of them come down regularly to say hi to the folks that throw corn in their yards. Some of the deer will come right up to you if you have something good enough in your hands. -Another blog post on that though. 

Bob laying in the snow with some flakes on top of his head and on his nose
What? Sniffing snow up your nose isn't normal?

I only have a few pictures of Tuesday, my brothers and dad went skiing but came back early due to the mass of people that were there. Erin, Darrell and I were thinking about going but I would rather stay home and sled or ice skate if the place is going to be too crowded. Anyway, when my brothers came back into town they convinced Darrell to get onto one of my Opa's bikes that he has up here. They got him on it in the middle of the road and he followed my younger brother's clapping for a good 30 yards or more. Doesn't sound like too much but he had fun and it was funny to watch. After the bikes we all decided to walk around the neighborhood and play in the giant snow piles in the ditches along the side of the road. I know there are a few of you out there laughing at us either out loud or in your head but we never see snow so we're more than happy playing in the ditch piles haha. Bob was funny to watch because he would come leaping after us and sink just the same - I don't think he cared lol. 

Darrell riding a blue bike with my brother standing in front of him in the middle of the road
Darrell following my brother as he walks backwards clapping for him.

Bob sitting in a snow pile on the side of the road
Bob sitting waiting to be released so he can go play again. 

Well, once again the sun started going down and it was about time to head back inside to warm up when the deer came down for their dinner lol. There is a guy a street away that throws corn out for them so my mom took the camera and got a few pictures. 

a bunch of deer, at least 5 standing in the front yard of a cabin eating corn off the ground
I want to go get some corn now so I can get better pictures lol. 

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We went to a few big hills to go sledding and to a little town to go shopping. I didn't take my camera to the town (wish I had - the scenery on the drive is so pretty) but I did take my camera to sledding - and handed it straight over to my mom lol. She managed to get quite a few really funny shots and when I have all of them uploaded to Facebook I'll post up the link. In the meantime here are a few of Darrell, the dogs and I. 

my brothers and sister and darrell and I at the top of sled hill
Top of the sled hill!

Darrell with snow covering his masked face and snow goggles
Darrell had made a snow angel - face down.. this was the product on the human side.

Bob and I sitting on the hill
Me sitting with Bob. 

Darrell and Egypt sitting at the top of the hill, he has his goggles up on his forehead so Egypt is licking the only skin she can get to due to his mask covering the rest of his face - his eyes lol
Egypt licking the only skin she can reach lol. 

Sledding pictures / embarrassing wipe out pics lol

Darrell wiping out on an orange and green sled and bob running up behind him
It took Darrell a few tries to get the balance act down right.

Darrell on the sled looking cool in his full face mask and huge ski goggles
He figured it out quickly though :)

Me crashing out after going off a snow ramp
Me not so much haha - in my defense there was a ramp my brothers made and that was my landing. 

Darrell flying up in the air, his legs are straight up in the air with his back parallel to the ground. He's coming off of the ramp
Darrell's was worse haha. 

Oh and for some reason in the middle of all this Darrell felt to the need to pick Bob up and hold him for the camera lol. Bob is used to being handled and wasn't bothered by it at all but this face cracked me up.

Darrell holding bob in his arms, bob is looking at the camera with a face like he's asking why he's being treated so badly haha. you can see mountains in the background.
He's begging my mom to talk sense into Darrell...

I guess Darrell felt like Egypt was being left out...

Darrell lifting Egypt up into the air, she has a much calmer look on her face.
Egypt just doesn't care like always lol. She probably liked the break from the cold snow haha. 

Ok, well thats all for now, I have a few more pictures from last night but no time to upload them - internet is slow here. Here is one last image to leave you with - it is the view from where we were when we were sledding but it gives you a feel for where we are. the place is pretty much surrounded by the mountains and most of the homes are tiny cabins like the ones here.

a view of the mountains that surround the neighborhood we are staying in.
Its so cloudy here because its snowing up on those mountains - its slowly making its way down to us!

Oh and on training talk, Bob has been doing very well, I had him walking nicely around the neighborhood with me the past few days. Deer smell is everywhere here and he's just getting better :)

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