Sunday, August 30, 2009

So just some random stuff I guess

Ok, I'm just bored now.. waiting for my sister to get off of work so we can go to dinner. I was looking through some pictures trying to find a good picture of our dog Egypt (I say our dog, she is Darrell's Guide dog but non the less a big part of the family). Anyways, I found some funny pics of all of us playing the new Spongebob Operation game. Of course its not fair because Darrell is blind and we are not so we (my twin sister and I) had to modify ourselves. Well, we don't have a blindfold just laying around the apartment so we had to improvise.. haha see below.

* Here is Darrell getting caught trying to conspire against me with Erin (my twin). He does this with every game we play.. especially Monopoly and Clue!

* Here is poor Spongebob and all of his problems.. lol he had stuff like heartburn and elbow grease

* this is my invention of a blindfold.. we couldn't tie the towel at the back (heads are too big I guess) so we secured them with Erin's sunglasses.

* Erin got tired of me "checking" her blindfold so she tried without..  I caught her cheating by waving my hands in front of her face... she cracked up every time

* Darrell and his girl Egypt - please ignore all the mess and wires, this was less than a month after we moved .. yeah fun stuff.

* Here is me trying to show off my pretty new headband, it has a little red feather on it :)

* and Darrell's attempts lol, he was so bad poor boy

Well Erin just got back from work, time to go eat and then off to "The Final Destination" !! Hope all the noise doesn't freak Egypt out.

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