Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Why?

Why does no one work on Sunday? Lol.. no email, no mail... And, why is it when I do something that I always happen to do it around Sunday.. Like 2 weeks ago when I ordered my stuff from Lilla Rose? It came in on Monday of course, but if mail ran on Sunday I would have had it then haha. So, I guess it would be good to tell you why I want Sunday to be a running day huh? Well, as you know I put my application in the mail on Friday night. I also sent an email on Friday night. Now I know I'm no where close to getting the puppy but I just want a response!!! lol I guess I just need to calm down, chill for a while and just wait for them to call or email telling me what my next step is. Oh well.. its going to be along Sunday.

By the way, for any other fellow ladies out there - if you want really pretty unique jewelry and hair stuff check out - definitely look. I hate wearing a pony tail rubber band now because of them.. I feel so ordinary with it lol. Never shopping anywhere else again.. Seriously, check it out!

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