Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Months, Training walk, and Finals!

So Bob is 5 months old today!! Yay Bob!

Just so you know, this is going to be a somewhat long post because its going to be the last for a while. I have finals and won't be posting much for a week or three lol. Wish me luck!

Oh, I have started taking my smaller camera places with me so I can get pictures of Bob working, the pics aren't the greatest of quality but they work :)

Ok - First off will be the 5 things at 5 months! 

1. He and Egypt are starting to get along very nicely - we can take them both out in public and not even have to worry about either of them messing with each other - well, him messing with her really. lol.

A picture of Bob and Egypt laying down next to Darrell's leg, they are both working. Their heads are touching and their bodies opposite of each other.
They heart each other :) 

2. His training is coming along great - I can confidently say he knows seats, doorways, steps (up and down) and how to target the passenger front door on the 'bus'. By bus I mean any vehicle we plan on getting into. He also knows all the basic commands that any good puppy should know.

A picture of Bob at my feet, he's in his puppy jacket and looking up at me
Umm.. I'm hungry - can we go home yet?

3. His canines still haven't fallen out! But his other front teeth have and they are growing in all white and shiny ;)

close up of Bob's teeth, all his front teeth are now big and white - his canines are still tiny and not as white. all of his big front teeth are about the same size as his tiny canines
I'll eat your face!
4. He makes this really funny noise when he yawns - not every time but at least his first 5 yawns of the day. Sometimes its a huge full out yawn noise, other times its just a little "ou-ah" type noise.

Ok, having issues uploading the video - will get soon promise :) 

5. He's very enthusiastic about his work - I actually have to work on him not pulling when I ask him to find something - But I'll talk more about his work in a minute ;)

Close up of Bob's face, which is half in sunlight, one of his eyes got a lot of light and you can see the color really well, its a pretty dark brown.
Ok, I know he's not working here but that face just shows
you how attentive he can be ;) 

Bob's Training Walk!

Friday, Michelle, one of my friends and I went over to one of our malls to have a training walk with Bob. Well, I had never really been to this mall so it took a bit of searching to find Michelle. We knew we had to meet her upstairs in the food court so when we saw a staircase and a big walkway going into the mall above us we used it..

Bob and I inside of an outdoor elevator, I'm reaching for the button and Bob is sniffing something on the ground
We actually took this elevator first, then realized we hadn't
gone up far enough. 

Bob showing me the outdoor staircase, you can't really see his face because the picture is taken from the side and the railing is in the way but you can tell what he's doing
Bob, find the step!
Well turns out that staircase and walkway only feeds one area of the upstairs part so had to find our way back down... Here's where it turns fun. lol. We couldn't find an actual staircase to take us downstairs and didn't want to trudge back the way we came so we went ahead and took the escalator, however we did it a little different because Bob isn't allowed to use escalators. So guess who got to carry him and guess who ran down the stairs to take a picture haha.

Me carrying Bob down an escalator, I've got him under my right arm and holding him steady with my right. He looks really big compared to me.
Oh yeah - I can carry all 32 pounds of him!

Once we get to the bottom of the escalator we are approached by a security guard who wanted to make sure Bob was a service dog. Understandable question seeing as I was still holding him haha. The guy also told us that pictures weren't allowed to be taken in the mall (I guess because of merchandising and knockoffs and stuff but really? thats dumb) So we actually don't have that many more pictures to show.. Sorry :(

Anyways, after we met up with Michelle we sat and chatted for a bit, she had a funny story about how a customer of a PETSMART got mad at her because one of the puppies she had was barking... in a PETSMART. Haha. Ok, anyways, Michelle taught us how to find the 'girls' or ladies room (once Bob has that down he'll start learning the 'boys' or men's room).

Bob and I standing outside the women's bathroom, he's standing up facing me and I'm trying to situate his leash.
He was sitting 2 seconds before the picture was taken - swear!

Once we found that we had to go inside and find the stall, specifically the handicapped stall so there is enough room for dog and person. Once I found that I was to find the toilet, sit on it and then flush it (its all about routine). Bob wasn't phased by the flushing which was really good, especially since it was one of those super sucker type flushing ones haha.

Me sitting on the handicapped toilet with feet dangling and Bob sitting in front of me watching. I am fully clothed by the way lol.
Ok Bob - now find me some toilet paper :) 

Once I was done with my potty break I had to ask bob to find the 'counter' in the bathroom - or mainly the sink area. However, counter will be used for things like the sinks as well as check out counters in stores, and they must have people behind them! Once I washed my hands I had to take Bob over the hand drier and run it. This one he was a little bit afraid of but recovered nicely - it was one of those air jets where they just use high powered air instead of air plus heat... so it made a lot of noise lol.

We found the trashcan once we were out of the bathroom - I had a random piece of trash, can't remember from where haha. Oh, I almost forgot - we also got to find the elevator and the button (the button will be used for elevators as well as cross walks) so yeah, I think thats about it lol. Anyways, all of those finds are pretty much the basis of all the finds Bob will do.  I think I got all of them in there haha. So yeah, once we were done all of us headed out to Michelle's 'bus' and got in so she could drive us over to ours haha. Bob then had one last little shot from the Vet's office and after a while attended my first ever Cardio Kickboxing class with me. That was interesting but fun lol. He was on tie-down over in a corner the whole time and did very well.. Hopefully thats because he's a good dog and not because of that shot haha.

Me sitting next to plush mountain in the disney store, Bob is sitting next to me looking towards the camera
Bob at the Disney store - working on distractions.
Stuffed animals = pretty big distractions - he kept trying to grab the purple
elephant that is sitting behind him.

Ok, on to finals! 

Basically - I have finals coming up and a ton of stuff to do so don't expect a new update until May 7th - which is my last final. If I happen to take any cute pictures or anything I might be able to squeeze them in but I won't really be able to write any extensive posts.. just so you know and so you don't miss us :)

P.S. Here is a picture of Darrell heading out to the car all by himself - the power of forgetting your I.D. and wanting a drink to go with dinner huh? lol. 
Picture of the back of Darrell and Egypt, they are walking towards the entrance of Chili's
Yay Darrell! 


Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

LOL I love the photos! Good luck on your finals!!!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW - great recap! And, I second Erin, love the photos! You guys get to teach your pups a lot! How cool! He is so smart! Hosta is impressed he could do a stay and not grab that purple elephant. That is toooooo much for Hosta the thief! But, we are glad Bob can do it.

Amanda said...

I've been reading your blog without commenting ever since Bob was tiny. I love hearing about your adventures. In two weeks I am getting a transfer puppy to finish training. When I checked your blog today, I realized Bob is only three days older than Kyle, the puppy I'm getting. It is even more fun reading about Bob's adventures now! I cannot wait to hear more about all the great things Bob does.

Natalie said...

Hi Amanda! Glad you decided to speak up lol ;) I just saw that I had a few more followers yesterday so when I saw your blog I got excited since you will be getting a puppy pretty soon. I didn't know he would be a bit older though (didn't read that much haha.. not even supposed to be on blogger - finals!) Anyways, thats exciting! Can't wait to read all about Kyle's adventures ;)