Friday, April 16, 2010

Dogs in the Garden

Last night Darrell, I and the dogs took a trip to the Olive Garden. We were invited there by a fellow UTSA student / Service Dog trainer. There were originally supposed to be six of us there however 2 couldn't make it so it wound up being four. There was Dana (the SD trainer) and her friend (Rebecca), they both actually use service dogs so they both had one, and Darrell and I with ours. It was very interesting to see another side of the service dog world (apart from just Guide Dogs).

Dana's dog Storm is a Malinois and she is trained for Mobility Assistance, Medical Assistance and Medic Alert. Rebecca, who is from out of state handles a huge Doberman, his name is Rex and he is trained as a Dog Guide, Mobility assistant and Hearing Alert.

We sat there talking and telling stories for quite a while, poor Rebecca has had some major issues with some airports lately; hope the flight home is ok! Bob did amazingly while under the table, he tried to get up a few times towards the end of dinner but settled back down very nicely. He didn't even try to get in the faces of the 2 new dogs he has never met before. I was very impressed with him I didn't even need to stand on his leash - he was just good ;)

When we were done with our stories and finally made it outside to relieve the dogs we sat (stood really) out there talking (in the nasty drizzle) for at least another 30-45 minutes. When we finally took pictures the dogs were pretty tired out and spacey (well at least Bob was). But we made it home, they ate and were happy and both slept very well through the night lol. I only have the pictures that Dana emailed me at the moment because I took my small camera to dinner and just can't find my card reader lol. (Me and my camera issues :/ )

P.S. if you are more interested in service dogs in general or would like to ask Dana or Rebecca any questions, Dana runs a website called Service Dog World there are lots of discussions and pictures and stuff of service dogs so if you would like to join there is the link ;)

So here they are - hope you enjoy ;)

A picture of the four of us standing outside in the semi rain. All the dogs are sitting either next to us or in front slightly except for Rex - he is standing.
Here is the first group picture we tried - In order from the left thats
Rebecca with Rex - Me with Bob - Darrell with Egypt - Dana with Storm.
You can tell how tired was Bob at this point - he's all schlumpy. 

Pretty much same picture as above but this time the guy with the camera actually got all of our bodies in - our feet were cut out of the first one.
Same order just a better-ish picture - now you can see our feet lol. 

Picture of Storm and Rex in the back of Dana's car - she took the picture from the rear so the dogs are looking back towards her and Rex has his paws and face over the top of one of the kids' car seats. Rebecca is sitting front passenger and is in the process of turning around.
Here is a funny picture Dana sent me - Rex has climbed all the
way up into her kids' car seat! 


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Rex reminds me of a SD that was on my college campus! WSU!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Now that really looks fun!! Bet there were LOTS of stories to share...

Way to go Bob!