Thursday, September 30, 2010

How do you B.B.Q?

Want to know what we have been up to lately? Besides school that is.. This past weekend Darrell and I volunteered at a public outreach event on Saturday. We set up a kissing booth at a scrapbook store named 'Scrapbook 911' here in San Antonio. It was the last day of a silent auction that has been going on for 3 weeks. Since we didn't have Bob, Egypt tagged along with us cause she likes giving kisses. Surprisingly not a lot of people passed through, most people stayed inside the entire time we were outside. Scrapbook 911 was also having a 'garage sale' type thing where they were getting rid of a lot of old stuff to make room for new stuff.

a photo of our table with a sign hanging off of it. It says heavy petting 50 cents, kissing booth 1 dollar
Do you like our sign?!

Of course its the dogs that get the heavy petting and give the kisses.. no one would pay for these guys lol. 

picture of a plastic guide dog with a puppy at her feet, it is a giant piggy bank for people to donate into
Our piggy, well doggy, bank. 

I won two things that night - one a double sided wall hanging that I will one day fill up with pictures... the other a CD case made into a little book that says me and my bff on the front and room for a picture inside. I was pretty happy with the stuff I went home with.

One side of my wall hanging, there are six panels all decorated in bright colors and there are spaces for pictures on each
My wall hanging - side one! 
the second side of the wall hanging, it is decorated in the same style but different designs
Side two! 

Picture of the front of the CD box, its decorated with bright colors and a little bird, it says my and my bff with bff being really big and taking up half the front
BFF book :)

the inside of the cd box, one side has a bird with a quote from Henry David thorough that says Be true to your word, your work and to your friends. The other side has a place for a picture
The inside space for a picture. 

That pretty much made up our Saturday - we went and saw that movie "Easy A" it was pretty funny - I'll recommend it lol. However on Sunday, we had plans to go over to Ernie's house. He is the volunteer coordinator at GDTx, he and his wife invited us over to hand out and so Ernie could help Darrell learn how to barbecue! Darrell is always talking about how he wants to get a barbecue pit but neither of us really know how to barbecue so it was pretty exciting for Darrell to get a chance to learn. Ernie is visually impaired as well so Darrell was good and ready to get a lot of tips from him.

We first started out with temperature - which Ernie said was pretty much as hot as you can get it. He had Darrell use the tongs to scope out the space on the grill. See how big it was and what not. He then had Darrell check out the raw meat, letting him figure out how it felt when he grabbed it with the tongs. After Darrell got a good feel for his surroundings and what he was working with Ernie had Darrell put the steaks on the pit. They then shut the lid and we sat around and hung out for awhile lol. We were sitting outside and chatting when Ernie drew our attention to the pit. You could hear the pit start to sizzle as juices fell onto it from the steaks. That meant it was time to flip them over.

Darrell flipping the steaks on the barbecue pit
He pretty much made Darrell do all the first steps by himself. 

Ernie guiding Darrell's hands to the steaks and showing him how to get under them
Ernie helping Darrell work the steaks away from the grill.

Darrell had a few issues with this part because the first steak stuck to the pit and he ripped it a bit. With the second one though Ernie taught him how get the tongs under it and move it back and forth to unstick it before he took it away from the pit. He assisted him with flipping the rest and then we hung around and waited some more. They checked the steaks after a bit and were able to tell if they were done by touch, which I believe is what most people do anyways so no big differences there.

Close up of Ernie assisting Darrell with the last steak, he's guiding Darrell's hand and helping him scrape the steak away from the grills
Helping :) 
We had a great dinner with steaks, baked potatoes, salad and an amazing dessert of strawberries with a chocolate brandy sauce (I think) and whipped cream.

We're planning on fajitas next because Ernie hasn't learned that one yet lol.

So, how do you B.B.Q?


Amanda Ellen said...

Oh, Now he can teach me to BBQ...I want to learn and when I said I wanted to learn to use a grill Taylor's grandparents bought us a george foreman grill so we wouldn't go buy an outside grill and hurt ourselves lol

Natalie said...

Haha whenever we find our way up to Dallas I'll be sure to buy some big steaks so we can have a barbecue learning day haha.

Amanda Ellen said...

HaHa! I can do the sides all on my own..maybe will teach each other I'll teach him how to make the sides and he can teach me how to cook outside :)

Ro said...

How do I bbq? I don't, haha!! I don't have a bbq. Just a Foreman Grill. Actually, the apartment complex has bbqs but I've never used them. Now I'm hungry...

jojo1331 said...

Dear Darrell,
Now that you are 'Grill Master 2010' I am hoping you can make me some Cedar Plank Salmon, grilled asparagus, roasted corn and any other items you deem worthy of your new mastery!!!