Wednesday, September 1, 2010


There are a few different ways to induce Euphoria... Some people exercise, some people do yoga and meditate - some people use opium.. Yeah, I said it - opium - the drug. Do you know where opium comes from? Poppy seeds. That is why they tell you not to go and eat a poppy seed bagel right before a drug test because you're likely to test positive. Opium induces feelings of euphoria when used but I know of a much better (legal) way to induce euphoria. All you need to do is get yourself a puppy - specifically  a puppy from Poppy's litter (one of Poppy's seeds *wink*wink* haha).

Poppy, a yellow lab, running in a field of grass with her ears out to the side and her long tongue flopping out of the right side of her mouth.
Poppy running in the GDTx grass -
I heart her face. 
So you may be wondering who this Poppy is that I speak of huh? Poppy is Guide Dogs of Texas' very first and at the moment only brood bitch (excuse the technical term/bad word...) and she's pregnant! They just found out yesterday!!! She had an ultrasound yesterday and no one has told us how many she has yet (they might not be able to tell at the moment) but apparently they are the size of a pencil eraser!

Poppy still running in the field, her cheeks are all the way back and her face looks very wind blown
I heart this face too :) 

Anyways, GDTx is gearing up and ready for its very first litter. For all my out of town/state readers I hope you'll wish them luck and for all my in town readers or people who wish to help out - this is a big leap for GDTx and they're needing help more than ever now. As always, volunteers are always needed and now they are in need of puppy items if anyone wants to donate stuff.

Here is a (long) list of all the things GDTx is always looking for and would really appreciate - think of the puppies!!!! Grab a puppy and get those euphoric feelings revved up and help us out! I'll keep you updated on all of Poppy's news as it comes to me!

Well... I just searched for a good 20 minutes and I can't find my list... I'll get it up for you as soon as I get it emailed to me again haha. While you wait you can try to make out the inner workings of Poppy's uterus:
An ultrasound of Poppy's uterus, there is a bunch of grey fuz and a dark round oval up in the top left center of the picture.
Does anyone really ever understand these things?

P.S. Poppy's uterus picture was stolen from Michelle's facebook page - just so she doesn't sue me for copyright or something ;)


Amanda Ellen said...

Aw, I <3 puppies! Can I haveone just to cuddle lol. Too bad I live tooo far to help out :( I would love to play with some puppies lol.

Michelle said...

speaking of facebook pages! Poppy has her own event on the guide dogs of texas fan page. Its called the Poppy Puppy Watch so jump to face book, search for guide dogs of texas, or look for it on natalie's page add us and rsvp to the "event" then you will get all the updates on poptarts poppy seeds. which at the moment we can only confirm 3 but really, when your 1 cm big can you really tell?? head count will be done by x-ray on 9/28 :)

Natalie said...

Thanks Michelle! I should have had you write your own post - guest blogger style!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Yayyy for Poppy puppies! This is such a significant step for GDTx. Poppy is a real sweetheart, and I'm sure her puppies will be the same. Their Dad is 1/2 brother to our 1st GDTx pup, Willie -- how cool is that?!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome news for GDTx

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome news for GDTx