Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They're here! *edited with my goof...

 Poppy laying on her side with 3 puppies nursing
That one is going to be super dark- the Dad's name was fire and according to genetics I don't think two yellows can make a black lol. Maybe its just dirty. 

Poppy laying on her side with umm 7 puppies nursing
Soo many puppies

Poppy's face with two puppies next to her shoulder
Hi momma! 

Coreena won with 5 Boys and 3 Girls!!! Congrats Coreena! I'll figure out what you win later tonight cause I gotta go to class :)

*So Coreena, you didn't rally win because I got the sexes mixed up lol - it was 5 Girls and 3 Boys but you will still get a prize because you were the only person to guess that ratio :) Yay you! lol

So another winner had to be picked and there were three people that guessed the closest: Erica, Ro, and Lauren - I did a drawing to see who would win out of those 3 and guess who it is! RO!!! Yay Ro!

So, yall gotta tell me what you would like - some handmade stuff like jewelry perhaps? A leash? A Bag/purse? or if you're not into handmade stuff - Dog Toys? Dog Treats or Bones? Let me know and I'll do it - I like projects :)

Oh and I have no idea who I stole the pics from - thanks person :)


Ro said...

Whoa!!! Hahaha!!! Sweeeet!!!! Man, I have no idea what I want.'ll have to check out the original post because I don't remember.

Congratulations to Poppy and the school and her breeder custodians and the future handlers of the guide dogs!! How cuuuuuute!!! Puppies!!!!

Coreena said...

I would LOVE a leash!

Congrats to Poppy and the midwives and I can't wait to see these puppies and see how they end up changing lives!