Friday, October 23, 2009

Cooking for "Clients"

So, the other day I get a call from Annie the secretary lady of Guide Dogs of Texas. They needed a volunteer for Friday to come and cook dinner for the Employees who still have to do their blind day thing. First I guess I need to explain why they are having a blind day. Apparently all the employees at the facility have to have a day where they go blindfolded for 24 hours. They stay at the facility and spend their day with a dog and going through the normal training experience. I guess they do this to feel what it is like to be one of their own clients. Very interesting to witness. So, about the whole cooking part.  The school doesn't have a staff that cooks for the clients so they ask for volunteers. We can either cook at our place and then bring it, or they have a full kitchen for us to use if we prefer.. It's very nice there, very homey. Anyways, so I cooked chicken-n-dumplings, dinner rolls and white-choc macadamia nut cookies. We (Darrell and I) went over about 5:15 and sat for a while and just chatted. The two ladies doing the thing seemed to be really enjoying the experience. Neither were too stressed out.. they said they started out that way a little but after a while they were ok. The most I heard them complain was the masks were too itchy lol. Well anyways. That was about it. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share. I can't wait till I have  real clients to cook for lol.

By the way, tomorrow is my first training day with the school!! Can't wait and I'll write more about it tomorrow :)

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