Saturday, October 31, 2009

From request of the mother

My mother that is... She has been reading my blog and, though she has left no comments ;) has requested that I post pictures of Darrell and Egypt actually working. So, I carried my camera around to a couple stores with us and to school and got some good action shots lol. So here you go, hope you enjoy.

P.S. thanks momma, it was a good idea :)

Here is Darrell just getting off of the cross walk - He just told Egypt to start turning to the right after she stopped him at the curb.

Here they are walking into the store, she is supposed to stop him at the doors and wait for him to give her direction.

Here, they are heading back to the car using the cross walk. Egypt will stop at the curb of the street and only go when she and Darrell think its ok to go. Darrell has to listen for traffic and then if he thinks its clear he will tell her forward, however, if she doesn't think its safe, she won't go. They call this intelligent disobedience.

This is at school where Egypt is showing Darrell that a stair case is starting, you can see Darrell's left leg probing out to find the edge of the steps.

Here is Darrell trying to find the door. The reason he is a little off is because he knows this door swings from his right to his left. He gets nervous because he doesn't want to hit Egypt so he stops working her when he hears the coke machine thats right next to him. If you look closely you can see a girl's hand coming into the picture there on the left. She rushed up to help him with the door.. she probably thought I was terrible for standing back and not helping, just snapping pics lol. Oh well.

Here is a better picture of Darrell probing for the top step of a different stair case.

And last but not least

Darrell and Egypt finding a seat so they can wait until they can get into class.

So yay, pictures. I feel bad because I don't have more to write but no real news so yeah. Hope everyone has a fun halloween. I will be studying all day so yeah. Wish me luck on my physics test.


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Your mom's suggestion was great! (And my family members NEVER leave me any comments either.) I really enjoyed seeing how Egypt helps Darrell and the cues that Egypt gives. Post some more!!

R said...

Oh this was fab, thank you for the great descriptions! Mom's idea ws great, and as a future guide dog user, this was great to "see" with your descriptions! Yay!

Natalie said...

Haha, I did these lengthy descriptions just for you R!

R said...

LOL! Suuuure....its all about me tee hee! I'm sure Darryl and other blinks will appreciate it =D

Momma said...

I loved the pics. Your descriptions are awesome, really give a good feel for what they are accomplishing. Don't know what a blink is but I too am sure they will appreciate the news. Good job! I love following you around, ha-ha! Maybe your sis could take a few shots of ya'll together and vice versa (if you trust her with your camera)!!

Natalie said...

Erin never goes anywhere with us so I doubt you'll get pictures of us.. I'll try tho

Carrie and Waffle said...

awesome pics, as a raiser it is good to see how dogs actually work! thanks. don't worry about having followers, for close to a month the olny person who read my blog was my sister and she never said a word.