Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Blanket Song

This weekend I attempted to make a blanket for Darrell.. here is how it went. Sing it in your head to the 12 days of Christmas lol.

12 broken/bent pins.
11 yards of fabric.
10 hours of online T.V.
9 meals while working.
8 breaks to relax.
7 puncture wounds.
6 bobbin refills.
5 different fabrics.
4 squares for design.
3 days to complete.
2 spools of thread.
1 broken machine needle.

All this to make one fabulous blanket for Darrell. He doesn't like the couch throw because he gets fuzzy stuff up his nose lol. The design of this fabric is somewhat quilt like, I cut out 120 6 by 6 inch squares  and made into a pattern with four colors on top and one solid on bottom. So, for his blanket I wanted it to be very tactile so I got 5 different types of fabric, all in darker boyish colors. I like the idea of Darrell being able to feel which color is which. So there is a deep red that is a soft wool fabric, a blue denim, khaki colored cotton fabric and a dark forest green that is a burlap type fabric.. should have gotten something else but I liked the way it looks... not too harsh on the skin but hard to work with. The bottom of the blanket is a very soft navy blue flannel - it feels like a baby blanket so he'll like it. I tacked little X's into places so the blanket doesn't get all tangled. I also stitched in a border.. nothing fancy just to make the edge more secure. It was just a zig-zag pattern about an inch in from the edge. So, here is the picture of all my time spent to keep off boredom.

For you screen readers out there, let me know if you need more of a description or if you have any questions.


Katrin said...

WOW! That is gorgeous! I hope he appreciates it

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Totally amazing. You are the creative genius!!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Very crafty!!! I like!

Ro said...

Hi, this is Alex, Ro's screen reader. You asked for screen readers to say something if we need more descriptions. Since I am a computer, I do not really know if I need more of a description, but Ro thinks the blanket sounds wonderful, and she really likes that you made it tactile. I hear that Darrel has an Alex too. Please tell his Alex hello from Ro's Alex.

Merry Christmas!

Natalie said...

Well Alex, I am extremely sorry that you're artificial intelligence is not capable of knowing whether or not you would need more description. You might want to work on that. Also, I see that you are not one of my followers and this kind of offends me, if you would like to continue commenting I would ask you to kindly follow (lets see you pull that one off Ro! haha.) Please tell Ro that she has one of the nicest screen readers I have met. Darrell's is mean to me and my sister. He once told Erin that she smelled like poo poo. Anyways, Thanks for the comment. I'm glad I could include everyone in. Also, thanks for making me realize I wrote textile instead of tactile.. appreciate the acknowledge ment of my brain fart. Well, hope to see you comment more often Alex. I can tell its going to be a good friendship.