Thursday, December 3, 2009

"If names are not correct,

Language will not be in accordance with the truth of things" - Confucius

Some of you may not know this but when I first started blogging I hated the name of my blog. Still sometimes do. To me it sounds corny and its irritating. I usually put a lot of thought into names and titles and this one was just not one of them. I have certain guide-lines I set for myself when I name things. Guide-lines such as it has to be mysterious (meaning it can't just say what it is). If a complete stranger where to just read the title of whatever they are looking at I don't want them to understand. They also have to have at least some resemblance to whatever they body of work is. Like I'm not going to name a blog something random that has nothing to do with my post. You may now be wondering Natalie, what the heck are you talking about and whats with the ranting/rambling. Well to the what am I talking about thoughts here are some examples..

1. Darrell's blog - Egyptian Pawprints - I helped him think of the name and this is what I thought of. It doesn't shout out what the blog is but it still relates to it at the same time. I like that.
2. Some of the names of my iTunes playlists include "Happy meals" which is a playlist of songs from a long time ago. I don't like naming playlists by number or genre; I like knowing what is in there, not wondering which of my favorite songs I put in either playlist Rock 1, Rock 2, or Rock 3.
3. Animals - I have never had the pleasure of actually naming an animal all by myself - having lived with 2 out 3 brothers and my twin sister that opportunity just doesn't come around. And the hamster doesn't count because I was like 7). I even had my own cat once but twinnie suggested a name and I felt pressured so just said ok... didn't really matter though because she only came to "kitty"

Ok, point of the story, I have thought several times about changing the name of my blog but every-time I went to do it I couldn't think of anything. This is simply because I plan on changing it when-ever I get the puppy... I'll make it cool then, haha. At the same time though I kind of like having the word escapades in there - one of the definitions of escapades is "A wild and exciting undertaking." I like that, lol. As corny as the word sounds I like the definition so it might just be there in the future, we will see. But don't worry, I can't change the URL because of access permissions with mom's work (any non work related web addresses have to be approved over there and there's no point in making her do all the paper work again.) So yeah.. just some thoughts on that.

Another thought about names and such is the puppy's name. I know I won't get to name it but it is still fun to try and think up names for it. I actually don't know GDTx's method of naming so I can't even think of names that it might be, I just think of names lol. Even though I think you have to actually meet the dog and see its personality before it gets a name it is still fun to imagine. Here are some of the names I thought would be good and why.

1. Cane - I actually wanted Darrell's dog to be named Cane just because every-time we went somewhere he wound up cussing out his cane or calling it bad names - I just liked the irony in it lol.

2. Cairo - is going have to be one of them, simply because of Egypt.

3. Chi - Pronounced Kai (or like Tie) . This is a math term that is denoted by the squiggly X. It looks like a regular x but the arm going from left to right has extensions on the top and bottom. When we learned it I thought it was kind of cool looking. For those of you are not math nerds like me Chi-squared is used to test a null hypothesis. Which I think fits because in looking at any puppy in a guide dog program the null hypothesis for their out come would be that they will become a Guide dog. The alternative is that they will not. I don't know if that makes sense to you but it does in my head so yeah.

4. I had a lot more but suddenly had a brain fart and can't remember, guess they weren't that good, haha.

Well if I remember I'll just come back and edit the post. Also I think I am going to start labeling all my posts from now on. Just FYI.


Jennifer said...

Hey! I thought of the name for my blog at least a year after I set it up. I set it up in a hurry and didn't think much about the name, and just wanted something to be accepted as an address. Its too long and annoying if people ask what it is, so I just tell them to google "oj paws for thought" and they'll find it.
I want to change the blog address to something that relates to the name, but don't know if you can do that in blogger and keep the original blog.

I was always useless at naming pets so was glad that OJ was already named. I would have died if I didn't like the name though.

Ro said...

Hehehe I love this. I just love blogs that really reflect what is going through someone's head. I'm like you. I'm picky when it comes to names. The title of my blog probably makes no sense to anyone but me, but I said it years ago in conversation, something like, "I like to stay in the center of the roof, where it's nice and safe, much less likely to fall". Of course the roof is symbolic, but if I'm on an actual roof, I never get too close to the edge lol!

Hmmm. Furr Footed Escapades, kinda like sure footed.

Guided Escapades. Guiding Escapades. Future Partnership Escapades.

Escapade de la Fur hahaha!!! I'm sure you'll think of something, and it might just be that first puppy who inspires it.

Darrell Garza said...

Your just as nerdy online as is person. haha. Thanks for the idea for my blog and I like reading things you don't tell me. haha

Natalie said...

Thanks guys (except Darrell..). Jennifer, thats exactly how I did my blog title.. just put something in because everything else I wanted was taken. Ro, I love your blogs name, no one knew what it was until you told us lol. I like all your suggestions by the way, haha I think Escapade de la Fur is my favorite. I think I'll wait until I find out who the puppy is and then incorporate everything together lol.

Hobbes Dogs said...

I am just finishing up a stats class, and loved your explanation about the name Chi.

Natalie said...

Haha yay another math nerd! The first time I saw it was in stats and I love the symbol lol.