Saturday, May 22, 2010

6 Things for 6 Months...

Can you believe Bob is already 6 months old!!! (Well he turned yesterday but still!) He's still doing great in his training but he's turning into a little turd also... I'm guessing that adolescence starting to set in (yay!) So, here are Bob's 6 things at 6 months.

1. He knows how to find the counter!! He still needs help on it sometimes but this boy has got it :)

2. His doorway and down-step sits are getting really good.. I still have to tell him but he doesn't take forever to do it anymore :)

3. He's as tall as Egypt now.. she kind of hunches though so I'm sure if she just sat up straight she would still be a tiny bit taller lol.

4. He has started drinking A LOT of water.. I'm not really sure why.. started not too long ago, part of me feels like he drinks all the water so Egypt can't get any (he's starting to become the dominant one) but when we fill both bowls with water he still drinks all of it - he's getting really good at holding it though haha.

5. This is one he needs to work on - his walking nicely is getting a bit worse... he used to just walk pretty nicely not getting distracted by much but now he has to investigate anything. He has a walk scheduled for next Thursday though so I'll get some tips then.

6. Everyone loves him!!!!

I only have one new picture and its from a volunteer thing Bob and I did today for GDTx - well this is while we were walking toward the thing haha.. the whole room was dark so I didn't want my flash going off in the background.

Picture of Bob doing a step up. He found the other side of the street for me and has got his front two feet on the curb. His eyes are kind of shut because it was bright and his tongue is hanging out because he was getting hot.
It's so bright and so hot but I still gotta work :) 

And look what I made - this is Mr. Walrus
Picture of a little clay walrus. It has grey and white marbled effect from mixing the colors, pink cheeks and big white teeth coming out from under his cheeck, he also has little black eyes.
I made this one day with some Sculpey - I also made an orange and white cat but it fell off the bookshelf and guess who decided to pick it up and chew on it haha. It only has a few bite marks :/

Also - I'm still working on my painting - don't want to post up any pictures until its done though :) 


Michelle said...

can you spell nueter :)

Ro said...

Jayden is drinking more water too, but I'm glad because it's getting hot. At school, we didn't free water, as I'm sure Darrell remembers. I remember asking Stacy, a guide dog handler staff member, about free watering. She said it's been different with each of her dogs. She had a dog she could not free water because the dog would drink it all down. Then she's had dogs that would just drink what they needed. I free water Jayden and he doesn't drink it all down. Do you free water Bob and Egypt, or does he drink it all when you put it down?

I think my cats might sometimes drink out of Jayden's bowl too haha!

Natalie said...

We free water the dogs, Egypt never drinks though and I think that is because she was never free watered, Darrell has to add extra water in her food to make sure she stays hydrated. The only time she gets it by herself is when they get done playing or right when we get home from the outside heat.

Bob just drinks everything all the time haha, especially when the bowl is empty and you can hear him messing with it, I'll go refill it and he'll drink it all in 3 seconds. It might just be the heat, that would make sense but I'm also pretty sure he doesn't stop because he's a greedy little brat haha.

Amanda said...

Kyle just turned six months as well. It is fun hearing about a dog his age going through the same adventures. I'm impressed with how much Bob can already do! He sure is a cute boy. :)