Sunday, May 9, 2010

Puppy Splash Day

Yesterday was GDTX's annual Puppy Splash Day! Where we all go out to the K9 Country Club and let the dogs just be dogs, while we eat hot dogs and hamburgers :) There's not really much news there because all the dogs pretty much just ran around and acted like dogs so here are some pictures :)

Dakota, a red labradoodle standing by the pool soaking wet except for his fluffy head - it makes him look half his size without that fur
Dakota and Ben were there! That dog has way too much fur,
apparently they were taking him to the groomers after this
though, lucky groomers ;) 

Bob running on the side of the pool, it slopes down into the water and there are rock like steps a couple of feet away
This was the first time Bob has ever seen this much water..
he was kind of scared of it and didn't want to get in. He just
did laps around the doggy pool. 

Bob on the steepest slope trying to investigate the water
He got a little bit braver after a while and decided to
check it out.

Bob completely in the water, only his head is showing
Well, that was a steep slope and he slipped in - he didn't like
it too much. 

Close up of Bob - He is trying to hang on to the big rounded edge of the pool - there is a mass of fur up in the top corner
He couldn't get out at that spot and he wouldn't move the 2 feet over
to the steps - he just wanted out. Thats Dakota in the corner -
he tried to help :/

Bob running on the side of the pool he has a funny face here, his ears are straight out in the air and his front left and back right legs are sticking straight out in the air
Bob doing more laps after his traumatic experience.. I think
he was slipping here lol. 

Ben trying to lure Bob into the water with a bright yellow ball, both Bob and Dakota are trying to inch their way into the water
Ben helped him figure out that the water was actually
fun though. 

Bob in the water up to his chest and butt still sticking out
So he slowly ventured out farther. 

Bob almost all the way in the water with a tennis ball in his mouth
He finally started to play!

Ben holding up that big yellow ball and water is coming out of holes in it, Bob is trying to catch all of the water in his mouth
And play some more ;) 

Alfie the chocolate labradoodle, running around the pool
Then Alfie Showed up!

Sugar cookies in the shape of Texas with red white and blue icing, they say GDTX on them. There are also puppy shaped cookies with little blue jackets that begin to say Guide Dog Puppy. You can see G.U.I. and P.U.
Oh and there were some really cute cookies!

Bob and piper standing by the pool, Piper is barking at Bob and Bob looks like he's about to bark back
I kept getting Bob and Piper mixed up - they are 'siblings'
some how.. maybe same Dad (?) Piper is on the left with the
blue collar. 

Celia, a black lab with all four feet inside the big metal tub, she's flinging her head around and can see water slash slobber coming out of her mouth - gross lol
Celia decided to get into the big tubs that had tons of ice and
drinks - how nice of her - guess the pool wasn't cold enough!

Alfie standing in the play area, under a ramp his pretty orangey brown eyes are really bright in the sun
Alfie hid a ball under that ramp - little hoarder!

Bob standing with is front two feet in the pool, he's looking at me and the pretty water is in the background
While all the other dogs were running around Bob went and
got back into the pool.

Alfie prancing around the yard with a huge piece of foil in his mouth, the wind from his running made it flip up into his face so he can't even see where he's going
Alfie stole the foil from the barbecue and pranced around
with it - lol I love his little poodle prance :) 

Bob and Alfie sharing a stick, they are facing each other and walking forward so it made bob's head flip funny so it is almost twisted and upside down
Then he tried to steal Bob's yummy stick - they actually
played tug together for a while - until all the other dogs
saw how much fun it was and then they all chased
each other for that stick - oh fun!

Picture of Bob, Twist the German shepherd, a black lab and alfie in the background, Mo Jo one of the GDMI's chihuahua is standing right in front of twist looking up into her face
Last little group picture - can you spot the outsider?

If you would like to see more pictures (100 +) from Puppy Splash Day you can check out my Facebook Album (you don't need an account) Click here to get to it :)


Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Looks like great fun!
Those cookies look pretty good :)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Wow, that place looks so fun! I love the progression of Bob getting more comfortable with the water. Poor little sweetie, trying to get out of the water, with his ears down low. And then in the later photo, his ears are perkier, like, "this water stuff isn't so bad after all!"

Tabatha and Tracker said...

What a cool thing to have a dog pool at a country club! Our country club thinks they are to good for such a thing. Love all the pictures.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Natalie, those photos are priceless! How did I miss Alfie getting into the bbq foil? Bet he waited til my back was turned, little rascal! We all had so much fun...

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

That looks like so much fun! I am glad Bob finally learned to enjoy the water. I have had 2 labs who were not a big fan of swimming, I don’t think they got the memo that labs are suppose to like water.

Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

Good job freezing those photos!! :)

Sarah and Vance said...

looks like a blast! Good turnout too, I need to get Vance in the water soon!