Monday, May 17, 2010

Random stuff

So yesterday Bob spent his first day away from me. My sister, some friends and I went to Schlitterbahn waterpark, so Bob got to go to a puppy sitter. She said he did pretty good aside for going to the bathroom in her house (oops haha). He also cried randomly a bit but I don't know so much if that is separation anxiety or just him being him... maybe a bit of both because he cries when Egypt isn't around too. He's funny, he'll just sit down look off into space and start whimpering.. not a lot but maybe like 2 cries and then he's fine. He just wants a friend.

On a working dog note he is getting better and better everyday. I suspect half of it maturity and half of it is the Texas heat getting to him.. He's so much more mellow when he's tired and when walking from car to wherever(?) is hot for me so I know its gotta get to him too lol. Today he was actually perfect for the very first time - perfect as in didn't have to be told to sit at the doors and steps and he even settled immediately when we got to the counter (we went to the bank). Everyone at the bank loves him. I haven't made many trips that are too long - outside is getting too hot to do much but there are some days when its overcast and almost rainy where its good to go out. Trips to the store are limited too because right now I'm in the middle of a Maymester (3 weeks long 3 hours a day) Lots of homework! haha. Once that is over then there will me more classes but those (well at least 1) will actually help Bob. It will be a Chemistry lab and because of safety reasons Bob will not be allowed to stay under my work station - don't want to go spilling acid on him lol. So with the teacher's permission (he's a cool guy so wish luck) I will be able to tie him down to the guy's desk.. That will help teach him to stay where he is put and be good until told to do otherwise.. not so different then under the desk but in a way it is.. We'll see how he does. He has had one time to practice with it. He was tied up in a corner while I did a cardio kickboxing class with a friend - he did pretty well but he had a bone to chew on.. now he'll have to do it all on his own :)

Sorry no pictures today but there are a few more mobile uploads if you want to click on the picture up in the top right hand corner of the page :)


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

The heat's getting to all of us! Sounds like Bob's doing really really well for his can definitely be proud, Natalie!

Anonymous said...

are you guys bringing bob/egypt... ect. on the wedding cruise?

Natalie said...

Well Bob probably won't be with us when we get married but Egypt will so she'll go.

P.S. Who are you?

Sarah and Vance said...

Bob, you can do it!! lol

Anonymous said...

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