Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob back at school and his 9 months.

Ok so I had a nice little week and a half long break from school now that we're back its pretty obvious that Bob is just as not used to early morning class as I am. I took him last Friday to my 8:00 class, however I didn't really give him a chance to release any energy before hand so he was a bit energetic during my 50 minute class. Haha, he kept rolling over and getting tangled in his leash and making noises - which is normal for him but only if he's been laying there for quite a while - like longer than an hour.. his restlessness started after only 5 minutes. So, today before class I got up and fed Bob 30 minutes earlier than usual that way he would have a bit of time to just run around and get those wiggles out haha. Well anyways, needless to say that on Friday his pulling issue was a bit more than normal, however today he did great! He pulled a bit on the way to class but on the way back he was really good. Well - point of all that is that hopefully now with a routine back in place Bob's walks will only get better.

Also, I missed his 8 month mark - so sorry there is no 8 things but he's 9 months now so I'll give this one a try - hopefully I can think of enough stuff lol.

Bob and Egypt's faces, they are sitting next to each other starting at me, Bob's mouth is open and a big cute smile
Just give us the kong lady! 
1. Bob is now taller than Egypt and his head is much bigger lol.

2. He has become much more vocal lately - he used to not bark too much, only when he got really into playing with Egypt. Now he barks all the time - not so much when we're out working (the exception would be Macy's) now if he wants something he's gonna come up and bark in your face... He's good with his 'quiet' command though so just gotta work on it. :)

3. We moved his crate back into the room and he's getting lost again haha. Last time we moved his crate (out to the living room) he would automatically run to the  bedroom - now he automatically runs to the old spot which is a bed so technically he's doing what he's told (going to his bed) however I do make sure he gets into that crate... Good thing is though he now knows all the dog beds in the place as beds so no problems there.

Bob laying in his crate licking the corner of it. The mattress in the background is naked by the way
Ignore the mattress, I was washing sheets :) 
4. Did you know crates taste good? Bob knows.

5. Bob's heel command is awesome!!! He's pretty much flawless with it - Pretty much because the only problem is I can't wear flip flops because when he gets too excited he steps on my feet and tries to scratch my toes off lol. He doesn't do it all the time - mainly during dinner and when he's sliding all over the tile.

6. Bob went to GDTx today and didn't freak out! You don't know how crazy he gets when we got there - seriously - all the smells and familiar people whom he knows all have treats in their pockets... Anyways, he didn't go crazy today which was awesome because I was uhh.. "compromised?" at the time - I'll have more on that story tomorrow (or Thursday) on that though :)

Bob laying in his crate with his head resting sideways on the door of it. His skin is coming through the little grates and his lip is being pulled up so his teeth are showing a bit.
Ahhh, so comfy! 
7. Do you remember when Bob was making funny faces at me - well I don't remember if I wrote it or not but it was because he was sleeping against the door of his crate - I thought he did this because the crate was small. Well turns out he just likes to do that... He's a weird kid....

8. Bob slobbers a lot.. have I ever mentioned that? I'll have him do puppy push ups and stuff before meals and even though they don't last that long, he's got all these little drool puddles underneath him by the time he's done with it.. not to mention the strings of goo coming down from his ever growing jowls lol. Yes they have gotten bigger... probably because Egypt tries to stretch them out on a daily basis.

Bob and Egypt wrestling, Bob has Egypt pinned to the floor and her mouth is open in an attempt to grab at him.
You taste good BFF! 
9. Bob and Egypt are pretty much BFFs now... really - she actually goes out of her way to play with him now. It's weird and kind of heart breaking... What is she going to do when he has to leave? What do your dogs do when they get attached?

Sorry to end on a semi-depressing note but I like ending with a good question! Answer away people!


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Bob's gotten so big! He looks ginormous next to Egypt! ;-) That's sad but I know you're right, it will be an adjustment for her when he leaves. You may have to consider raising a 2nd one, Natalie -- just for Egypt you understand! :-D

Erin and Co. said...

Wow he does look huge next too Egypt. Pompei's first class is tonight, I most worried about our THursday class where we have about 5 hours of classes back to back. fun times!!!!

Natalie said...

I know! I probably will raise another one but the problem is I graduate right after (or right before -depending) so I'll have my hands full trying to figure out what to do with my life - gotta do that first lol.

Ro said...

He can't be 9 months. You're lying. No way!! Wow. :)

Anonymous said...

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ChrisAnna said...

Ahh, yes Halette thinks her crate taste good to. Carla our great dane has seen our pups come and go. She seems to understand what is going on. I know this may sound cruel, but we will call their names at times just to see if she remembers. It does break my heart when she perks up with her crazy ears and all. We just recently dropped off one of our dogs (Tenaya) for formal training and our current pup (Halette) is still a little sad and bored. This may mean another new pup in a few months for me.

I think I read that Egypt was being a grumpy old lady in some earlier posts, seems she has warmed up to her brother Bob.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Happy 9 months! He's so handsome!