Friday, September 4, 2009

I gave in...

Ok, I did it.. I gave in and emailed the people about my application.. I didn't want to do it but what if they didn't even get it? What if it went under the seat of the the mailman who picked up the mail? Is it terrible that I did this? Will they get mad at me for being overbearing?? Am I being overbearing? I'm going to see these people in exactly one week to volunteer with them. What if they hate me before they even meet me?

Ok, I'm getting a little crazy now lol. All I wanted was a "thanks we got your application, more info coming soon" thats it.. so why did it make me insane.. Like I said before, I don't mind waiting to get a puppy.. I know the whole process takes time but I want to at least get an update every now and then. Plus, no offense to them. But if it doesn't work out with their program I want to apply at another one as well. So I kind of need an answer you know. Don't want to go applying at two different ones at once and then risk having to let one down by saying I already have a puppy to raise.. Oh well.. I'll be back when I have a reply.

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