Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Profile!!!

I'm just excited.. I learned how to do all this in about an hour. What do you think?

doing the transparent pic took the longest but it was worth it!


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Love your transparent pic! That's awesome. Let us know when you hear something from the puppy organization!

Natalie said...

Thanks.. I kind of stole the idea from Megan (Spike's raiser) but I love it so I can't help the thievery.. I'm kind of worried lol The puppy lady doesn't check her email very often so she'll probably see my app before my email and think that we have an extremely overweight lab.. lol I'm such a dumb butt

P.S. I tried to figure out how to do a title thing like yours too but it's just way out of my league haha

Lauren and Spike said...

Haha, I'm Spike's raiser, and my name is Lauren!
Love the pic by the way, it's awesome! :]

Natalie said...

Well crap lol... I was thinking of someone else I follow.. Megan is Fuller's raiser (I checked this time) haha. Both of ya'll post all the time so I guess I just mixed you up! oh well.. sorry haha