Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dumb old me..

Ok, so I finally get all the paperwork that I need to fill out and am so excited right?! Well.. turns out that all the meds I'm on for my kidney stone that I currently have are not very good for my mental capacity... So here's what happens.. First.. I live at an apartment right so I go to stick my paperwork in the mail and just as it is sliding in the tiny slot for outgoing mail I see that there is no stamp!!! NO!! So, I peek inside the box and see that there is only one other letter so, I decide maybe if I write the postman a little note on a sticky and staple 2 stamps to it maybe he'll be nice and put them on there for me - cross your fingers! Then, as I am starting to do some homework later on I get a flash of the forms that I filled out about 2 hours ago and realize that I put Egypt's weight as 162!!! So, I quickly log in to yahoo and inform the puppy lady about my stupid slip up and hoping she gets the letters she won't think i'm that big of an idiot.. fun stuff right? Well.. after all this my sis comes home and wants to go eat at Chili's.. I'm already full from a previous meal but decide to go along for some chips and salsa (good Idea knowing I have a stupid rock inside me probably from dehydration and too much salt) but anyways... So we go and I decide I want to color one of the chili pepper pictures for St. Judes.. so I take a second to decide what to draw and the only thing that keeps popping up in my head is Harry Potter (Darrell and I are currently listening to one of the audio books) so here is how it came out.. And thus ends my stupid day :) hope you enjoy.. I wanted to take Harry Pepper home with me.. Erin and Darrell wouldn't let me.

Here he is

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