Friday, January 8, 2010

He's like a sponge

Haha literally.. you'll see...

So when we picked up Alfie Beth was telling
us how she hopes that Egypt gets onto Alfie for any behavior he's doing that she doesn't like. Well Beth, congratulations! This is the most vocal I have
ever seen/heard Egypt be. It has definitely had an
effect on Alfie, for about 2 minutes lol. Well, each time they have their little tiffs he backs off for a little bit and then goes right back in haha. You would think he would learn.. so that sponge dries up kinda quickly.

His other spongy qualities come out when he goes for the water bowl haha. His little beard and mustache soak up more than he drinks I think. Darrell ca
me and was walking around the living room and kept thinking Alfie had peed everywhere, he didn't it was just his face haha.

So off to our daily adventure with him. Darrell, Egypt, Alfie and I headed over to UTSA today so we could teach Darrell where his classes would be. Alfie did amazingly! Egypt did a lot better too. Yesterday she seemed really anxious and worried that he was around but today she just ignored him and did her work, so yay! He did really well too though, we found 3 trashcans, lots of staircases and a bunch of doors. He was pretty worn out on our way home but as soon as we got there he thought it was play time... His tiredness just disapp
eared, hopefully it will transfer to tonight ;)

Well thats about it so far, Erin and I are going to go see Avatar in 3D tonight. Darrell doesn't want to go so hopefully Alfie won't drive him too crazy. He's actually been doing really well with him... he likes making him behave and stuff.. feels in control ;) lol.

Well, here are some pictures, sorry none are from school.

Here is his spongy little beard and mustache, he drips everywhere when he's done drinking haha.
This is a close up of Alfie, a chocolate brown fluffy little labradoodle, it shows his mouth beard and mustache are soaked with water

Close up of Alfie's face, he's attempting to lick off all the water

Here is a video of him torturing Egypt.

Incase the video doesn't work right, Click Me for the link to the video on youtube.

And here they are about an hour later, fine with each other, however this only lasted about 3 minutes lol.

A picture of Egypt laying down and Alfie down around her feet, they are both relaxed and content

And the last picture for today!!! My new blue leash from Megan came in!!! here is a picture of it attached to Alfie, the light here makes it look kind of purple but it's actually a really pretty blue :) Thanks Megan!!!


Ro said...

So is Alfie the puppy you're rasing, or are you sitting him? I think I got lost somewhere. Sounds like a big adventure with the 2 dogs!! Why aren't you bringing Alfie to the movie?

Natalie said...

Oh sorry for the confusion Ro, Alfie is a puppy I am sitting for the weekend, well until Tuesday morning. The puppy raising manager saw the movie and advised against it. Pretty much it is too long and he isn't old enough to settle and be quiet that long. The movie was right at 3 hours long so yeah.. Darrell said he was pretty good at home though.

Ally, Teddy and Kira said...

He's such a cute little guy! I'm glad you are enjoying having him! We didn't take Charlie to see Avatar either, a bit too long and too crowded :-D And, that leash is gorgeous!

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

He is so adorable! Puppysitting is so much fun! When Betsy drinks she gets water all over her chin, I can only imagine what it must be like with all that curly hair! Your leash is amazing! Now I want one!