Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stupid Zyrtec

Ok so it's about 7:00 AM over here and I can't sleep.. been up for a few hours trying but it's just not gonna happen lol. I took some zyrtec to help out with my issues and got maybe 4 hours but then I woke up and now can't get back to sleep so yup, thats it. Anyways, I actually have an announcement to make!! Yay for announcements lol. There are some big changes in this apartment going on and it's about time you all know about it.

Ok so 1. We are getting a kitty - She will be official on Tuesday after her vet appointment. She is a stray that Darrell's brother found (along with her mean sister). He has had them for a while but doesn't want that many cats so when Darrell heard he wanted to give them away he couldn't let her go lol. We have met her several time over at their place - she's perfectly fine with Egypt so hoping she will be with the puppy too. Her name is/will be Qena (pronounced kayna) - Qena is a region in Egypt so yup.. lol When we called the vet to make an appointment they were totally confused when we spelled it for them haha.

That leads me to number 2. It's time for a change of name for my blog because guess what! My puppy is coming!! Yay for puppies! I found out on Thursday and wanted to announce it the day he came (yes it's a he) but I just can't wait, plus I need all ya'lls help with the name change lol. So, his name is Bob and he's a 10 week old yellow lab. Born on November 21st. He's flying in all the way from New York with his sisters Piper and Celia.. Well I know at least 1 sister is coming, not sure about the other... So yup, I'm just too excited lol.. and a bit paranoid.. haha.. mainly about potting at school and making noise in class but other than that I don't really mind what he does anywhere else.. not like I have to see those people every single day like I do my class-mates and teachers you know...

Ok so on to the names for my blog.. I can only think of about 3 right now but I really only like 1 of them so any thoughts or input would be welcome lol.

My first one that I like is "What about Bob?" I stole it from that Bill Murray movie - I love that movie haha. Thought it would be a cute name for the blog.

Second is "Bob's blog" - no explanation needed there lol.. kinda lame in my opinion though.

Third is "A Bob and his Bone" - this one is ok but I know it can be better lol.

So get with the helping and either vote for your favorite or suggest some of your own!

Also, potty-training poll - what cleaning items do ya'll take with you incase of accidents?
I know I'll have to relieve bob on concrete for the first 15 weeks or so - that means at school too so what do you all suggest to make that go easier for me?

Oh and I'm not telling you what day he'll be here - that is still gonna be a surprise!


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Oh wow!!! WHat exciting news! Bob is only 2 days younger than Hosta!!! And, funny story that might not mean anything to you unless you actually knew my boss - he names all his dogs Bob! So, he is always telling me a funny Bob story. Anyway. That's great! Excited to meet the new "Bob". I like the first and third one. Of course, I also like your puppy raising escapades one too.

How cool about the kitty!! I'm sure she'll be great with the puppy and I LOVE THE NAME!!!! I know it took the vets a while and they looked at me weird when I told them Hos' and Run's name. So, I can imagine how they were when you told them about Qena!

Good luck getting some sleep!

Natalie said...

Ok, 1 I have to apologize because Bob isn't 2 days younger than Hosta haha.. I put september but it was supposed to be November lol.. he's still brand new (just changed it haha) . I really like Qena's name too, I was kind of iffy when I heard it was just Bob but now I kinda like it haha.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Hooray for the kitty AND the puppy! You are going to be busy.

As for blog names, I personally like keeping it name-unspecific, because then you can keep using the same blog address for the next pup. But I suppose it depends on what the purpose of the blog is. If you are mostly blogging as a keepsake for the puppy's future partner, then maybe it's best to have it be for that specific pup.

When Cabana was in training, I used to keep a ziplock bag in my purse, which contained about 5-10 paper towels, a travel-sized spray bottle of Nature's Miracle, and a roll of poop bags. It was a bit bulky, but still fit inside a regular-sized purse. I only had to use the stuff twice during Cabana's training--but it was still good to be prepared.

Natalie said...

I know what you mean about the unspecific thing that's why I'm not going to change the URL... just name that's up at the top.. If his future owners ever want to go back and look I'll just tell them the URL and then his dates (February 2010 - whenever).

Thanks for the tips, I hope we don't have any accidents but I will have to clean it off the concrete and stuff for the next month lol.. I guess I'll just sop it up and spray tons on it.. I will have to relieve him on my patio (we live in an apartment) we don't have a hose, I guess I'll just sop, spray and dump a bucket on it afterwards lol.

Ally, Teddy and Kira said...

Yay for Bob and Qena! There was a MYL named Bob with GDB when we were raising for them, he had a litter of pups with my favorite female black lab then went on to be a K-9 Buddy for a visually impaired child :-D

I'm so happy you're getting your puppy! As far as clean up supplies, I like Mimi's advice. I carry some poop bags, paper towels (like Mimi just 5-6) and with the next pup will carry those moistened individually packed wipes. As for your patio you don't have to use something as expensive as Nature's Miracle. Bleach or comet will work just as well and I'd just dump water on it every day or so (experience talking... Kira likes to poop on the deck)

Relieving on cement isn't a hard thing to teach a puppy as long as you do it regularly from the beginning. Don't give into him the first couple days if he refuses and just put him in his crate then try again 20 minutes later. Soon he'll learn he has to go on the cement and it won't be a big deal to him. After the first 15 weeks it might be difficult to get him to go on grass so when you can be sure to mix it up between gravel, cement, bark mulch, grass, whatever else you can think of!

I think you should change the name of the blog once you meet him, part of his personality may jump out of you that you have to capture in the name, whether it includes Bob's name or not ;-)

Congratulations again! So many exciting things happening in your life right now!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Great news Natalie! Willie came from NY those NY puppies! :-)

Here you had me thinking your news was all about the cat, and then all of a sudden you have your puppy!! You're really one for surprising us all the time! :-)

"What about Bob" makes me laugh!

Looking forward to the next instalment...

Megan, Fullerton and Paris said...

YAY!! Can't wait to meet little Bob. :D Here are a few that I thought of:
Babblings about Bob
The Blonde Bob

I really like What about Bob? that made me giggle.

Anyway, congrats on Bob and Qena, very exciting!!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Good idea about just changing the name of the blog and not the URL! Okay, here are my silly Bob ideas, none of which are all that good, but maybe they will spur other ideas:

The Bob Job
Bob, the Top Dog
It's Bob-balicious
Sheesh, Ka-Bob
The Yellow Bob of Texas

Okay, I think that's enough from me. I'll just stop there....

L^2 said...

Congrats on the new feline family member and yay for the new puppy too! I don't think you need to change your blog name, but if you really want to then I like the first one. "What about Bob?" made me giggle. :-)

Cassie (and Dagan - cheering Poppy on at GDB!) said...

Yeah for new babies!! How exciting for you guys! I carry something similar to Mimi as well - but carry travel packs of kleenex instead of paper towels. Probably more expensive, but I carry them for myself anyway.

As for washing concrete - start using parking lots. I don't worry about rinsing parking lots. Rather than doing anything extensive for public potties, I would probably just carry an extra bottle of water to rinse things down.

On your own patio, use bleach - cheaper and easier than Nature's Miracle! Just be sure to dilute it to a 10% solution, let it dry, then rinse it with water. If you use 100% bleach, Bob's tooties can get irritated and you REALLY don't want to go there!

Looking forward to pictures!

Erin and her Dogs said...

How exciting!!!! So Bob is only two weeks younger than Pompei who was born 11/6!
Like others I carry paper towel,plastic bags and recently brought along travel size packs of wet ones. They came in handy as I walked through the Library with him, and he went. (MY FAULT I KNEW HE HAD TO GO!)
As for whining in class, if the students are dog friendly the are pretty Pompei is a noisy little guy, specially when he would rather play than sleep!

We can't wait to see photos of him!!

Ro said...

Ok I finally made it over here. Woooo hooooo! Kitten and a puppy. Man, you two getting all the hurdles out before marriage eh? ;)

I kind of agree with the comment about waiting until you meet Bob. Something might just pop out at you. Bop pop haha! Oh and Bob Job? Er, um, that sounds a little....well....yeah. Hahaha!

I like What about Bob too. But something tells me you'll want something more originial. Puppy Raising Bobscapades hahahaha!


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