Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New shoes and a brush

So I got the last of all my Christmas presents in today. I ordered some Tom's Shoes about a week ago. I was kind of worried about them when I was looking online because they kind of look like old lady shoes lol. But I decided to go for it because all the reviews were awesome. Well I love them, they are very comfortable and even have arch supports in them. Now I'm not gonna go walk a marathon in them but everywhere else is good. I just wish they were a little taller lol. I'm only 4'11" so most of my jeans just barely make the cut lol. Maybe I'll just roll them up haha.

Ok, enough about my shoes. My last Christmas present came in today. It was a giant box from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Darrell had ordered me some goodies right before Christmas but there were complications with the address so it took a while to get in. Anyways, he ordered me a treat bag, a fleece rug for the puppy to sleep on, a dog comb for course/long hair (because GDTx is planning on me having a Golden) and an extra leash. When I asked him why the leash (because Megan is making me one and I'll get one from GDTX) he told me you can never have too many leashes lol. He keeps one by the back door for relieving and lost it once.. I think he felt the pain there lol.

So, I chose to break in the new comb on Sammy, he needed it lol. The poor dog has had allergies and an ear issue so he hasn't been able to have a bath lately. Well anyways, he needed a brushing, I avoided his ear and his tummy (where his allergy rash thing is). He loved getting brushed, as soon as I grabbed it he sat down right in front of me and kept nudging my hands. As soon as I started to brush him he sprawled out on the floor and was on his way to falling asleep, until I made him switch sides lol. So now he's all brushed and ready to be taken back to the kennels tonight.

So tomorrow morning will bring me vacuuming and carpet cleaning. I don't know who lived here before but I don't want a puppy coming in and being tempted by any smells left behind. So yup, we borrowed mom's carpet cleaner and will get after it tomorrow. Hopefully before Darrell gets back from out of town so I don't have to worry about him bumping into all the moved furniture.. Maybe I should take down the Christmas tree too because I know once school starts it will never happen lol. Ok lot of stuff on the list now.

Here is one last picture of Sammy :) I'll post up a picture of my shoes as soon as I can, because I know ya'll are all so anxious to see my shoes right? haha.

This is a close up picture of Sammy chewing on a Nylabone, he's too cute.

Oh, I also need a haircut tomorrow, or the next day.. ahhh too much.


Coreena, Eva and Charlie said...

Yay on comfy shoes and a gift box from GDB! :-D

Eva loves getting groomed too and will moan at me when I stop for a second.

I need a haircut too but haven't seemed to be able to get motivated to go get it done.

Ro said...

Yay for packages! They are oh so fun to get. I got a bunch of mine today. Your school doesn't send you all that stuff for puppy raising?

Oh and you never know when that leash will come in handy. Maybe for a tie down, or to make a tie down longer.

Natalie said...

Haha Coreena I never have problems with motivation for haircuts, I just haven't found the time lately.

Ro, I'm pretty sure I do get all of that stuff but its never bad to have extras of everything lol. He ordered me a leather leash from them which the dogs and puppies can chew through, you'll see when you get yours. lol. It's exciting to say that. So anyways, We can't really use those for tie downs but good idea lol.

Darrell liked that idea of using an old collar for an anchor of a tie down. That will definitely help make one longer lol. That was your blog that I saw that on right? hmmm

Coreena, Eva and Charlie said...

Old collars (ones from the dollar tree work great! *wink*) work great for tie-downs. One of our old leaders used a horse bit, but those are a little more then dollar tree collars! *wink*

Ro said...

Yep, that was my blog! I don't remember who suggested it though.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

It was Cassie/Poppy who suggested the collar trick!

Hey Natalie, I'm a whole inch taller than you! I just bought a pair of Skechers Shapeups, the weird looking shoes that are supposed to help work out your legs and rear end. They're super comfy, like walking on marshmallows--AND they add about 3" to my height! Woo hoo!

I saw you wrote on Mitch's blog about your Toms but I had NO idea what that was.

You're busy in your preparations--brushing, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, moving furniture, undecorating....I hope you get it all done!

Natalie said...

Hmmm... I might have to get some of those Mimi, for walking the puppy lol. I could use with some shaping up. You should check out the Toms, they are really cute when they're on your feet lol. Plus, for every pair you buy, Tom gives one to a needy kid (that's why they are so expensive). Mine are the Prima ones (purple and red stripes). Too cute!