Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burn that list!

Ok, nothing really about puppies or dogs but I have managed to finish most of that list I made yesterday. Yay for me! So here's a recap of my finished chores.

I dusted.
I vacuumed and carpet cleaned the whole apartment (Minus Erin's room because I'm just not going into that disaster zone).
I swept and mopped the tile surfaces.
I cleaned out the car.
I cleaned the bed that Sammy had his accident on. (Did I tell that story? We left for about an hour to go get something to eat and we came home to a puddle on the dog bed. Now it wasn't like he was trying to mark or anything I think he just couldn't help it. He just got started on some new meds for his allergies and I think it was just one of those things. Poor boy, he was constantly drinking water and we took him out before we left but I just don't think he could hold it. The entire dog bed was soaked. Hope he gets better).
I cleaned the blankets and stuff he used as his actual bed.
I washed the carpets from the bathroom just because they needed it.
I got my hair cut.

And now for the stuff that still needs to be done. Not necessarily by tonight but just before school starts on Monday.

I need to do laundry, which I will start once the blankets are done drying.
The tree still needs to come down.
I need to clean up the kitchen. That might be a job for Erin or Darrell.
I think that's about it..

More puppy related news. Our puppy raiser Manager, Michelle, thinks I'm insane for cleaning the carpet right before I get a puppy but trust me, it's better this way. From Sammy creating a river in the living room to the poo-poo my dad drug in on the bottom of his shoes (twice, thanks dad lol. ). I just felt like it was necessary to get out those smells you know. Just in case. If I have to clean again when he leaves thats ok. We have the carpet cleaner (borrowed from mom) so why not use it! I'll probably wind up getting one of those spot carpet cleaners you know. Hmm, we'll see.

Ok, for the real news, I get to ride up to Austin tomorrow to get Alfie with Michelle! I'm so excited, I get to talk her ear off and learn stuff I need to know for Alfie. I also get to see Beth (Aflie's Raiser) and ask her any questions I need to. So yup, I'm excited to go and that's all my news for now. I'll post tomorrow after I get him.


Coreena, Eva and Charlie said...

How exciting that you get to go pick up Alfie tomorrow (almost today for you!)! On top of that you get to meet Beth! :-D I'm so excited for you!

You got a ton done! Way to go! I need some of that motivation you have. Can I borrow some? *wink*

I love the new blog layout, btw! Very nice!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Yay, oh Industrious One!! I think the carpet cleaning was a good idea myself--start off with a clean slate. We have a bottle of Nature's Miracle, and that stuff works great on getting out both stains and odors, for when/if the new pup or Alfie has an accident. Our carpets are a very light beige, and you can't tell where Cabana has had any accidents (which were very few).

Natalie said...

Thanks Coreena, I got tired of the old one ;)

Mimi, I love that stuff lol. I went out and bought a big bottle of it (spray bottle came free with a Petco Palls card lol) and added it to the carpet cleaning fluid. I also added it to the laundry when I washed Sammy's peepee bed and the blankets he used. It is amazing, lol Darrell was worried that Egypt would never want to use that bed again but as soon as I plopped it down she got up from where she was and flopped over one it ;)

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Ooh, cute new template! :-)

It was SO fun to get to see you & Michelle today!! You'll do an awesome job, thanks a million for puppysitting Alfie for us! :-) I warned him within an inch of his life, DO NOT TOUCH THE NEW SHOES... :-) Hopefully y'all will have lots of fun together!

Now, if only I could get as much done around my house as you, I'd have it made!!