Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bobbin in the river

Ok not really - Bob did not go into the river but we did take a trip to the river :) lol. My grandparents own a little house up a little north of San Antonio that is right on the Guadalupe River and my parents and other grandparents came down for the weekend. So we went too. We didn't do much but Bob got to meet another dog - a very old black lab named Grace. I learned some stuff about puppy behavior on this little trip. Bob didn't try to play with Grace once - he constantly bugs Egypt... Is this because he knows Grace is old and won't take anything from him and he knows he can get away with stuff when he bugs Egypt? Hmm...

Bob also learned to relieve on gravel so that was good - he didn't care at all.. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go.. lol. He is doing very well in his potty training.. he actually went and sat by the patio door yesterday to go outside. That was exciting lol. One funny thing he did lately was figuring out how to work the springy door stopper... lol he would hit it with his nose and then jump around while it boinged. He did this about 3 times and then got bored. Well thats about it for now, like I said, we didn't do much so there's not much to say but here are some cute pictures.

Bob walking towards me in the sunlight - he is walking on a orange ish colored gravel

Bob standing in the living room looking up at me with puppy eyes

Egypt and Bob in the living room on a cow hide rug thing. Bob is laying down and his face is straight up in the air with his mouth open and his ears flopping back. Egypt is biting his neck lol.
Vampire kisses!! 

Darrell and Egypt out in the yard, he is squating down with her in front of him, they are looking at each other but Egypts eyes are shut because she is facing the sun.

Bob laying on the wooden porch with rocking chairs in the background, he's chewing on a big cow knuckle, his mouth is open and you can see his tongue and some of his teeth.

Bob's 20 foot training lead was tied around a support beam on the porch. He walked around all the rocking chairs and little table and tangled it up to where he had about a foot of free space.
He got all tangled up :) 

My dad is hugging Darrell and they both have awkward smiles on their faces. lol.
Darrell + Dad = Love

Bob laying at the top of the porch stairs, one foot is hanging over, he is basking in the sun.

Bob standing on the top step, he is in mid bark so his mouth is open slightly and his lips are poofing out a little bit.
Hey man, listen to me! 

Bob sleeping on a blue dog bed, he is all curled up with his paws entertwined and his head a little under his front legs
all pooped out

a picture of bob in his pop-up crate. Its a view from the side, you can see part of mr. duck through the mesh window.
In the pop-up :) 


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

The vampire kiss photo is hilarious!! And there he is with a knuckle bone, bliss! He's adorable, so so so adorable.

Erin and her Dogs said...

I love the photo of him all curled up into a tiny ball.Too cute!

puppyluver said...

bob need more food :) lets talk about upping him. is Darrell coming casino night? we'd love a non gdtx dog to come so we can show off ours :)

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Bob gets cuter every day! Great pictures!