Thursday, February 25, 2010

Casino Night

This is a comic-like cartoon of two stick figure dogs, both wearing black out sunglasses and holding playing cards, one's tail is wagging. The caption reads When playing poker with dogs, always watch for tells

So GDTx just recently (Saturday) had its annual Casino Night fundraiser and Bob and I were invited to go and "work" it. That pretty much means lets go and show off the puppy haha. Well Darrell didn't go because he wanted to go hunting with his cousin so I forced Erin to come with me. I knew Bob would probably be stolen from me and passed around so I needed a date lol.

                    {Ernie with his guide}
This is a picture looking down the hallway of the hotel where the fundraiser was, it is a picture of one of the GDTX employees Ernie and his black lab guide dog

It was a very fun and interesting night - Bob got stolen right when we walked through the door haha. After a while though he was brought back to me so I could take him to go busy because he didn't go before we walked in. Not that we didn't try though haha. On our way back in I met up with another puppy raiser who has another puppy that came from NY (where Bob came from). She's a week older than him though. Anyways, we had gone up to her raisers room (the puppy's name is Celia by the way) and let them play for about 20 or 30 minutes. We took them out again and went and joined the party for a bit.

{Picture Of Erin}                           .       
Picture of Erin with a big grin on her face - its just a head shot but its pretty
One kind of funny story that had happened was when Erin, a friend and I were sitting over in a corner chatting - Bob was passed out between the wall and my chair. Very hard to see because it was dark. Anyways, a random guy had come over and asked to pet him. First thing I thought was "how the heck did you see him?" and second thought (which I actually spoke out loud to him haha) was "Well if you can squeeze over here yes, but he's sleeping and I'm not going to wake him up". Ok, I know that sounds kind of rude when written but it didn't come out like that... So we moved the little table and the guy came over and stroked Bob a few times - I don't think Bob even opened his eyes haha.. Celia really wore him out. Well they guy was going on about how the dogs make good hunting dogs and asking where he could get one and yada yada.. lol I snuck out to go to the bathroom because he wasn't really talking to me, he was talking to our other friend (who sits for GDTx all the time.. ) So yeah. When I got back we were ready to head back into the party and I was ready to actually go play cards. Little did I know how hard that would be with the B. O. B. 

                    {Ben with his chips!}
This is a picture of Ben, one of the GDTx clients, however his dog is a diabetic alert dog. He is holding up a small stack of chips and smiling for the camera.
So Erin and I head off to play blackjack, I had Bob on a down and played 2 hands before he got up. So Bob sit, good, down.. good! Well out comes another guy - "Wow, he's really smart, how old is he, its crazy you get him to do that so quickly" haha. So I get into this long conversation which stopped my playing blackjack, it was ok though because I think the dealer was getting annoyed at me (I wasn't paying very well attention). Haha, so I head off to go learn how to play craps.. That didn't go so well.. I pretty much had no idea why I was getting chips and felt stupid when the dealer talked to me so I didn't stay there long haha. So me and a friend start heading over to a poker table, well on the way we got ambushed lol. There was a guy who kept coming over to pet Bob all night long - I didn't mind, every body pet Bob at least twice lol but this guy pet him every time we passed haha. Well anyways, he asks to pet him and I say ok and get Bob in a sit. They guy starts petting him under his chin - ok. Thats when I spot a chunk of cheese in the guys other hand - so I look closer at Bob.. he's chewing! Bum bum buuummm. So both the friend and I spot this at the same time and tell the guy that the dogs aren't allowed people food. He said sorry and looked kind of depressed... I said sorry back and told him its not good for them. He was a guy that worked at the hotel the fundraiser was in so he didn't really know the rules.. But still... hmm. Side-note - Bob had horrible gas the whole next day. Ok, back to Casino night. We went to the poker table and played until they shut it down (which was only like 20 minutes haha) We then went and said bye to some people and let people say bye to Bob - Erin was carrying him at this point because he was pretty much dead lol. Then we headed home grabbing Jack in the Box along the way! 

This is a picture a plate Erin is preparing for us to share, there are 4 strawberries, 2 marshmallows and 2 cookies. She is pouring chocolate over the fruit and mallows.a picture of the dessert buffet, there was pretzels, marshmallows, cookies, bananas and strawberries with a big pot of dipping chocolate at the end of the table

{Dessert Buffet!}

Ok, brings me to my question(s) of the day! Has anyone ever tried to give your dog tidbits? Did they get away with it? What did you do?

{Erin and a very worn out Bob}

Picture of Erin holding Bob, She is laughing and he is on his back with his legs up in the air, his ears are all crooked too. He looks very out of it.


Katrin said...

Yes people have tried to feed my dog. When they do that I get "upset" at my dog and then the people feel bad that they made my dog get in trouble and that is the best way I have seen to get it through their heads. 99% of the time James will also turn his head away and refuse the food as "leave it" has been so well ingrained in his head, but on the off chance that someone shoves something into his mouth (has happened before) I make him spit it out into my hand and then make him "leave it" and train. The people generally can't believe how "mean" I am for forcing my dog to spit out the food they gave him, but I tell them he could get very sick.

Sounds like you guys had a fun night!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Hi Natalie, looks like you & Erin & Bob so much fun! Love the picture of Ben, where's DAKOTA?? (hehe, you knew I would have to ask!!)

People have only tried to feed our puppy a couple of times. Like Katrin, I scoldingly told the pup to LEAVE IT & that guilts the person into stopping. One time the sample lady at the mall food court bent down to give Dakota some teriyaki chicken!! I was proud of him for refusing. :-)

Natalie said...

Beth there is a new post just for you :)

Thanks guys, next time something like that happens I know what to do! I think I was just so shocked because the guy was 'sneaky' about it lol.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

aw - what an awesome night!