Monday, February 8, 2010

Our ears hear such funny things...

Ok so about a week ago Michelle gave the web address for one of the client's blogs. Well on it he had a list of ten things he or his guide dog has heard since he received him. One of them was pretty ridiculous, it said "I know you're not supposed to feed those dogs but I just gave yours a piece of my sandwich." Um, ok, I would slap someone... Anyways, it made me wonder what all kind of crazy things I would hear when I got Bob.. So now that I have heard some crazy things I wanted to list some of the stuff so far.

Of course there has been the oh he's so cute and he's gonna be big and it's going to be so hard giving him back, you know.. all those comments. But here are a few more that kind of stick out, by the way, all of these are from adults...

1. Oh is the little one the big ones baby?
2. Is that one (Egypt) going to train the other one (Bob)?
3. Are they siblings?
4. Do they blind-fold the dog to train him?

Thats all the ones that I can remember right now.. more to come I'm sure lol.

There was also one lady who her son has just had sooooo many dogs and they're all sooooo big and good luck with training, he's going to be huge. I say back "Oh well they try to breed them not so big so we'll see, I'm not worried about him getting huge". So she says back "Oh honey no no, he's going to be big, trust me I know, my son has tons of those dogs.." Uh, ok bye then. Lol... She's really the only person that has gotten on my nerves with Bob so far... its funny because it wasn't even a big deal but just the way she talked, like she knew everything you know... eh oh well.

bob about to bark - his lips are kind of puffed out a bit and his face is going straight up into the air
Cute Picture :::

Ok, so I know we're supposed to teach them not to bark and such but his face was just too cute so I had to at least get one picture ;)

By the way I did not make him bark - he did it all on his own.


Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

He is so stinkin cute!
I love the funny comments people make about our dogs. But it gets on my nerves when people think they know all about them and try to tell me things I should do differently.

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

I think it is kind of funny the stuff people say. In my 6 years of raising, I have heard a lot of interesting stuff. You will get asked to train peoples dogs and I have even been asked to train peoples kids ( who were my age). After a while, you will get use to it. I can’t really remember what people say anymore, besides calling my puppy a blind dog. Bob is so adorable!

Cassie (and Dagan - cheering Poppy on at GDB!) said...

So cute!! The comments only get funnier! I have two favorites:

1) Crazy Lady "OH! He's so cute! He looks JUST like my dog! Exactly like him!"
Me : "Really? What kind of dog do you have" (that looks exactly like my 80 pound block-headed black lab)
Crazy Lady: "A Chihuahua"

umm...yeah. There's something wrong with your chihuahua then.

2) In a Jack-in-the-Box drive through (me driving, PIT on the floor of the passenger seat)
Drive Through girl: "Oh my gosh! You're blind?!?"
Me: Just sat in silence, staring at her until she figured out that I was DRIVING a car!
Drive Through Girl: "Oh, that was a dumb question."
Me: "Yup"

Mandy and Cancun said...

I enjoy this topic, you really never know what people will say to you!

My favorite things people have said/asked me:

-Where do blind people work? (my response of “anywhere they want” evoked a “nuh-uh you’re lying!” from the inquisitor)
-Do you have to take him everywhere with you because you’re blind?
-Can I have a guide dog if I'm not blind?
-Do you have any guide dogs that eat cats? I need one that eats cats.
-HELLO CAPTAIN!!! (said by an adult woman, directly in my puppy's face, with nothing proceeding nor following it)
-Are you happy?

welcome to the fun :)

Tabatha said...

I actually had someone at the college the other day tell Diego that he looked just like her chihuahua.... I looked at him and said "well thats a first, you look like a chihuahua!" LoL the lady laughed and fixed it to he is the exact COLOR of her chihuahua. Ok...phew that made much more sense. I was a little worried for her educational success. ;)

Hobbes Dogs said...

I've always wanted to carry around a notebook even for just a day to record all the comments/questions I get when out with a dog.

To add to all the talk of chihuahua's, I once got asked if my full grown fluffy standard poodle was a chihuahua by a lady at the grocery store. During my time fostering him I also got asked if he was a sheep, cocker spaniel, and black lab (he was white).

Erin and her Dogs said...

LOL I love the pic! What drives me the most crazy is with ALL of my puppies, people tell me that they can tell he/she is going to BIG cause of his/her paws. Funny thing is all of my GDF pups have been on the small side! :)

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Bob's just getting cuter!!

Yep, I had someone tell me once that Dakota (doodle) reminded them of their chihuahua...hmmm. What is it with chihuahuas?!

One of my favorite goofy remarks (from a store clerk): " that one of those sightseeing dogs?" I just wanted to answer, Yeah, he just got back from the Grand he's gonna go take in the Alamo!

Also, one time a guy asked me if I could train his kids to be as good as my dog. I said, I don't they like liver? (showing him my treat bag)

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

OK, Charissa just reminded me of one more funny one: A store clerk saw us w/ Dakota & asked, "Oh, is he one of those blind dogs?"

Well...I sure hope not...


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