Saturday, February 6, 2010

I should be studying...

So, new blog name - I really struggled finding anything that I liked better... there was bob dot com .. all three words smushed into one but Erin and Darrell didn't like that.. So It's now What about Bob? :)

Well Bob has come to school with me and has done really well. Thursday he was pretty much perfect lol. There was a point where one of my crazy teachers got a little carried away with his story telling and started yelling about some stuff... this really excited Bob and he looked like he was about to woof at him but I got his attention back on his bully stick and all was quite. Well, except for the crazy prof.

Today I didn't have class - The one teacher I was talking about a few posts ago was gone today and that's my only class. But Darrell still had to go talk to a professor and he's only been to that office once, so I decided Bob's training walk would be to that office and back (which is actually pretty far). He did ok until we got to disability services to say hi to all the ladies in there - they all loved Bob and I let them say hi while I was holding him. Well I guess they got him a bit too excited because as soon as I set him down he started leaking lol. So I scooped him back up and we headed outside and I found a place for him to go. Well he wouldn't and Darrell needed to get to that guy's office before he left.. So after a few minutes of just standing there I put Bob's vest back on and we took off.. Well a few minutes later he started doing the sniffy thing and I tried to let him relieve again in a new spot - again with the not going. I think it was just that he was too interested in everything else... So I didn't really trust him after that so I rotated carrying him and letting him walk just a little bit. We were able to make it back home and he went there.

Anyways, those are pretty much our adventures for the days he's been with us.. We did take him on a very very short trip to target today to pick up a baby shower present. I thought he would be scared of the cart and had my sister go with us so she could push it and I could walk him but he didn't even care! Yay Bob!!

He and Egypt got to play in the living room today - they did pretty well - she got onto him after a while and he ran off all scared for about half a second but then he got over it lol. I can't tell who is going to be the dominant one yet.. he submitted to her a bit today, rolling over and doing the whole - I'm sorry I'll be cute now thing, but he was also able to steal a toy away and she didn't do anything.. so who knows? Anyways, those pics will be up probably after Monday - I have a test and need to study the rest of the weekend so those won't be uploaded till later ;)

So, thats about it then, here are a few more mug shots of him from last night, he got a new crate - the other one was the New York School's property so Michelle had me switch it out - there's a green blanket on top so that he can't see every move I make - turns out he doesn't like it when I leave haha. (Do ya'll cover up their wire crates?) It's not completely covered up though, he can see out of the front and about an inch on the side so yup. By the way, it's very hard getting good pics of that guy... he never stays still!!! haha.

Bob staring at me from inside his crate - he is very sleepy and his head is kind of hanging
Get that camera out of my face.. I want to sleep! 

This is bob trying to fall asleep and chew on his duck's head at the same time
Maybe I'll chew a bit on Mr. Duck first... 

This is a side profile of Bob, you can really see his pretty dark brown eyes, he actually looks kind of grown up in this picture
Get my good side! Don't I look like such a big boy?!

Bob right after breakfast - you can't see his nose, just his big pink tongue licking it

I really really like my breakfast! 


Coreena, Eva and Charlie said...

He is so cute! Glad to hear he did well at school! Yeah, leakage happens *wink* 'specially with the boys.

As far as the crates, I don't cover my metal crates, if I do, Eva pulls whatever it's covered with in and chews on it. She also chews on the crates themselves.... she's special.... Actually, after Charlie leaves, before I get my next puppy, I'm going to be getting plastic crates in all the sizes we'll need for future puppies, I feel more secure with them as well as the puppies I believe. Eva prefers the plastic crates to the metal ones.

They do have covers made for the metal crates that you can buy though. I've seen some at Wal-Mart.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

So cute! Sounds like he's doing great. I usually cover the crate for about the 1st week or so, just b/c when they're brand new it seems like they can't settle down like they should. Then later I take it off.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Aw cute! Love that last one! He's adorable! Glad for the successful first outting. He looks like a fun one! I have my wire crate covered - but it's just to keep him a bit warmer. I keep the temps in the house down at night to save a few extra pennies and figured a towel over the kennel would help keep a bit of body heat in for the fella. It'll come off once winter is over!

Becky said...

How fun - hadn't read your blog for a bit to know about bob! He sounds adorable.

Carrie and Waffle said...

Oh the joys of potty training on a college campus. I have the problem that when ever she is getting ready to relieve, someone usually busts out with the 'OHHHH PUPPY!" Which derails the whole potty process. We do cover the crate, mainly to keep the drafts off. Truffle's crate manners are getting better, but she too still pitches a fit when in her crate.

Natalie said...

Yeah, he gets way too distracted when we're on campus... he did really well when i took him to a courtyard type area though, everyone could see him but he couldn't see them because we were technically alone :)

I'm really happy with his crate manners lol. He only yips/woofs a few times and then just gets over it and falls asleep :)