Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caution, Live Animals

So, today was a long day. This morning we dropped Qena off at the vet for all of her shots and stuff so now she is official now, yay!! 

Here is a pic of our pretty kitty :)

This is a somewhat close up picture of Qena - she is looking off to her left, you can see her little cute pink nose really well in this picture
This is Qena looking right at the camera, she has that sassy little kitty face on that says, take one more picture and you'll find a claw in your eye
This is a side pic of Qena, you can see some of the orange around her eyes, it looks like thick shimmery eyeliner.

Those are just a few cute pictures of her. She is a gray, black and brown tabby and she has one and a half orange toes on her front right foot. Even those pads are pink lol, all the other ones are black. She also has green eyes with streaks of brownish red in them. She is very calm and mellow, and not at all bothered by Egypt.. Egypt isn't bothered by her either. However, Her first impression of Mr. Bob wasn't too nice haha. Oh, didn't you hear? Bob is here!!! Yay for Bob!! lol. 

At some point throughout this day the puppy raising manager, Michelle, texted me and asked if I wanted to meet them at the Airport to pick up Bob. I was supposed to get him on Wednesday but since she offered I said yes and have been anxious all day! So he's here now and I'm pretty excited about the temperament I have seen so far. At the cargo place while is sisters were barking and yapping he only uttered one little woof. That made me happy lol. We brought him home and I immediately took him out to go busy but it was a no go, I wasn't too worried though because he did go when we picked him up. So then he had his dinner and we attempted to go again - still nothing. So he was banished to the crate for about 30 minutes until he really started to cry so I took him outside again and still nothing... uh hello Bob, you're supposed to go after you wake up, eat and play... what's with this puppy?! lol. So I stick him back in the crate and after another 30 minutes we try again. Success!! So, now that he has gone and is done with his after dinner rest I decide to play a bit and snap some pictures. So let you're eyes (and ears for you blinkies) enjoy the feast of Bob-alicious cuteness! 

Here is Bob looking at the camera, he is a white/yellow lab with slightly darker ears and really dark eyes.

here is another picture of him, he moved away from the camera so it's the side of his head, you can see his coloring better in this shot, he's going to be pretty light when he's older

This is him in his crate - the door is open, he had dragged his new stuffed duck toy into the crate with him, here he is laying down has one paw on top of Mr. Duck and is looking all depressed and lonely lol.

This one was taken right before the previous one, he had put his head up so the camera cut off his forehead but he still has a cute expression on his face. His head is pretty wrinkly, he has some skin to grow into.

This is him with his head kind of burried in Mr. Duck, his paw is still on top of him though and his head is crossed over his paw.

He's sound a sleep now in his crate -  We'll see how long that lasts lol. 

There will be another post shortly, that is if I'm able to finish with all my homework and studying - got a BIG test on Monday so gotta start now! Wish me luck!!

Oh, a few last pictures of Lola and Egypt, cause I thought they were cute too lol. 
This is a picture of Lola laying on one of the dog bed beds, she has light coming in on her from outside but it's kind of a bright gray shot because it was  drizzly outside, she's looking at me sideways so there is a little bit of white around her dark brown eyes

Egypt is about a foot in front of Lola, who is on the dog bed, she also has the gray outside light coming in on her. The angle of the camera makes Egypt look kind of funny but really cute, her nose and head are pointing down and her eyes are looking up at the camera making her have all white around really big brown eyes. Her eyes almost look like those cartoons where the animal's eyes get all big and cute


Tabatha,Eclipse,and Diego said...

Welcome Bob!! Can't wait to read all about your adventures!!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW - can you fill a post with more wonderful goodness!? Love all the pics. He still has his big puppy ears - so cute! Qena is very pretty too.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Yay, Bob's here! This time I was on to you & scrolled thru all the adorable cat photos saying to myself, "She MUST have that puppy by now..." :-) Good luck with him, I'm sure he'll be a great guy!!

Love the pictures of Qena too!

Ro said...

Yay for Bob! Bob Bob Bob! Hehehehehe! I'm so happy for you guys! 3 animals, wow! Now you're like me, cept for now I've only got 3 cats. Soon Insert will make 4 haha!

Anonymous said...

He looks precious!!! I'm so happy for you and Bob is very lucky to have you as his trainer. He looks like Egypt except for the nose, his is solid black and she has a pink heart on hers. I'm sure she will enjoy him. Mrs. Garza

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Welcome, Bob! He's a cutie, and Qena is beautiful, such gorgeous coloring. Is Lola still there, too? Oh my goodness!

Natalie said...

Oh no, Lola isn't here anymore.. those last two pictures are from Sunday. She went back on Monday :)

Hobbes Dogs said...

Qena is just beautiful, and congratulations on now being an official puppy raiser! Welcome Bob!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...


He is so cute!

Erin and her Dogs said...

Hi Booob!! Does anyone else think its funny that the majority of the new pups this year have been yellow??