Saturday, June 12, 2010

College makes you smart

Guess what! Bob now knows heel! For the past month (or two) Bob has started to become a puller, on Monday I stopped by GDTx to give them a CD of pictures and Michelle taught me a figure-8 trick to get Bob back into the correct position while walking.. Well, turns out that I haven't actually needed to use it the past couple of days because I haven't needed it (He confuses me...) Anyways, today he did need it and I did it a few times the first time we went somewhere and he was good until we got home. Well, the second time we went somewhere I had Bob sit at the door like I usually do, opened it, walked through and then turned around and instead of telling him 'lets go' I had him 'heel' again, and he did it!!!! He didn't do it perfectly but he still did it! He kind of walked out nicely, turned around and stood crooked to me and looked up :) I got him into the correct position and had him sit and he got his treat and then he walked nicely all the way to the car! Yay!!! I am however a little bit depressed because he gets neutered on Tuesday and Michelle told me he would probably forget a bit of stuff that he has learned recently... dang! lol. I guess its not that bad though, because he really is pretty much the smartest dog ever... haha. No really, show him something once and he has it down! His issue is listening.. which I guess is really my issue, I need to get him to pay attention thus need to find ways to engage him more - either way he's smart though - you can tell he was born to work. Plus the fact that he's (normally) really good when he's working but he's not so good at home (only recently actually) - He's actually started stealing things, he used to just sniff things and then get told to 'leave it' which he did and normally wouldn't go back to whatever it was, now he has started bypassing the sniff phase and goes right into snatching - ummm not good... At least he's constantly supervised though so he gets corrected right away..

Anyways, about college I started my summer semester at a community college here and am having another slight complication - not nearly as bad as this past semester but just people not listening I guess... I have a chemistry class, a chemistry lab, and a physics class... The lab professor (of all people) was the coolest with it - he was a bit depressed when I told him he couldn't pet him though lol. The only thing I'll have to do is tie him up in the back away from the traffic flow of dangerous chemicals. The physics teacher was pretty excited too - both teachers made announcements to the class to help me out :) The Chemistry class teacher is the complicated one though - not really him exactly, he seemed excited as well but when I went to class the next day (without Bob because I hadn't told the class yet) the teacher said he had mentioned it to his head of department (or something) and they wanted to check out some things first... ok - well here is my ID card (again) with the laws on it and if you want you can photo copy it and give to your person... well he asked me to write it down for him so he could just give it to her and it shouldn't be a problem - :) - not really.. I get an email the next day asking me to contact the head of student success because she had some questions and concerns... ok. So, I emailed her and told her exactly what I wrote down and told her to contact either me or Michelle with any questions... So, now I'm just waiting till Monday to hear a reply.. great - at least he's getting neutered on Tuesday so theres a little bit of time to get things settled... I'm taking him on Monday though! The lab professor is cool with it so bring it on! This situation doesn't really bother me but it just annoys me because I gave them the laws and they are still asking questions!!! Ah!

P.S. Have you ever had Oma's spaghetti? It's like the best stuff ever :) I need to make some.

a big pot of spaghetti sauce, its bright red and you can see tomatoes, onions, green and yellow bell pepper pieces, meat and tons of seasonings

Sorry no doggy pictures today - haven't taken any :/ lol.


Amanda said...

Bob sounds so much like Kyle it makes me laugh. Kyle is amazing in public. What we are actually spending most of our training time on is house manners. For a week now I have left a 20 foot drag line on him in the house and he is making great progress.

Kyle's best new command is down. I now make him do puppy pushups (successive down, sit, down, sit...) to earn meals and he is a pro. Kyle gets neutered six days after Bob. I really hope what Michelle told you doesn't prove true. I'd hate for Kyle to loose all the great progress he has made.

Yea for smart guide puppies!

Natalie said...

Oh I hope so too.. she explained it a bit though.. its because of all the hormone fluctuations... She said it would all come back semi-quickly though - just gotta work on stuff but thats not anything from ordinary lol.

Ro said...

Your subject line reminded me of a conversation a friend had with someone on FB. The person actually asked my friend if she went to "smarts". Huh? The univeristy. I guess this girl calls college, "smarts". We had a long crazy conversation about that. =D

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Mmm, that spaghetti looks yummy.

Good luck on the neuter. Helpful hint: don't think that just b/c they're wearing the cone of shame, they can't chew things. They CAN! (voice of experience, if you're curious I can tell you later, hehe!!)

Bob's a star in my book!! :)

Anonymous said...

you go bob. its not as bad as your buddies say! all good the next day.