Friday, June 25, 2010

7 months and some change...

Sorry it took a while for a new posting.. my summer classes require a lot of homework plus I had a test, plus it was mine and twinny's birthday so yeah.. lots of stuff but here is Bob's 7 months and another post-op update.

So, first off it has been pretty un-eventful on Bob's frontier... he is stuck in his cone until he gets his stitches out, which will be on Sunday so yay. He'll be able to go to class with me on Monday and Wednesday and then my other two classes on Thursday because I have a test Tuesday. Yay me. Oh - on that note, Michelle worked her magic and Bob is now 'allowed' to go to all my classes! Ok, now you may be wondering why he has to be stuck in his cone for so long.. basically its a rule at GDTx that the dogs stay in cones until their stitches come out.. doesn't matter if they notice them or not its a precaution just in case they decide to rip them out. So yeah, stitches = cone.
Speaking of this cone - it has caused quite some mayhem in our apartment... First, I have confirmed my professional diagnosis that Bob has Pica... Why? Because he has slowly been eating away at his cone and even though that is probably normal I'm sticking with my diagnosis! So yeah - in order to stop him from continuing to chew/eat that yummy plastic we decided to put packing tape on his cone where it has been chewed and broken. Yes broken because Bob just hasn't realized that his head is now 5 times the size that he's used to, and this boy has a pretty big head so that can't be easy to adjust to... poor kid.

Bob has also been banished to the living room because his cone makes me cranky.. it does this because every time he moves around in his crate his cone scrapes against the bars and it sounds like he's trying to blow the thing up.. at least thats what flashes in my head at 3 in the morning when I'm woken up from it. So yes, he's in the living room and keeps forgetting that whenever he is told to go to his bed - he automatically runs for the bedroom when I have to remind him. Once he sees his crate though he remembers and charges in - most of the time hitting his cone on the top and being flung backwards but hey - a little whiplash is good for a growing puppy right?

On a much happier note, we have been using this down time to further set in Bob's obedience and to work on his heel - which is now great and would be better if he didn't slap me with that darned cone on his turn-around. Yay Bob! He has also started automatically waiting at doorways (to outside) without me asking everytime, now I can't test this out yet but hopefully it will transfer over easily to outside work too. Yay Bob!

Also, not that its really necessary to tell but since I want to - here ya go, I made cake balls for mine and Erin's birthday :) Darrell helped, he rolled out all the little balls. It took me a couple tries to get it right but once I changed from cake balls to cake pops it went much smoother lol. Basically I just stuck a lollipop stick to all the things and then dunked them. Had to let them dry in some foam but it was worth it :) I have a few pictures of the process on my facebook so if you follow that link up in the top corner (the picture of Bob laying down on brown tile) you should be able to access that album. Just incase you wanted to see ;)

Oh, and his 7 things: Hmmmmmmmm..... We'll change this up and add some future things in there too...

1. His down stay will hopefully improve greatly with the help of my lab class that I will be taking him to every Monday and Wednesday. He will be tied down in a corner for the entire class period, its chemistry lab so he can't be under my table - too dangerous. I hope to get him to the point where the tie down is not necessary, we'll see. lol.

2. I have no idea how he is going to handle being at school for such a long straight amount of time every Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully it won't wear him down too much - I know I feel like poo when I leave for home those days lol. Maybe its just mental strain... hmmm

3. His house manners have greatly improved since he has been stuck inside - yay Bob!

4. I still think he has Pica.... lol just kidding... kind of

5. He is settling down so much quicker lately.. he gets excited about things like normal but it doesn't take him as long to just chill you know?

6. He really likes fetch - with bones... I don't like fetch with bones.. I exchange for kongs and he finds another bone after a while.. we need a yard lol.

7. He really really really likes the smoked knuckle bone Michelle gave him for his... well nothing special really.. Michelle just hearts bob :) But seriously.. he's obsessed.

Ok so on to the real pictures that you were all waiting for - I wasn't going to post them because the wacky tape job on the cone is just embarrassing but you convinced me so ok.

Bob's face with his broken and taped up cone surrounding it. It is broken in 3 places.
Please try to ignore the damage and focus on the cuteness inside :) 

Bob with his face sideways so you can see a long tear down the side of his cone, it is straight for about 4 inches and then goes into zig zag pattern for another 2, You can also see his leg with his shaved patch where they stuck the I.V.
Ok, now you can focus on the damage ;) 

 Bob withi his head on the floor and his cone up around it. He looks slightly miserable lol
I heart that face :) 

A hand holding up the end of Bob's tail, you can see a swirl pattern with the hair on the very tip, there is also a hairy leg in the immediate background
P.S. Did you know that the hair on the tip of his tail swirled? P.S. did you know he has 2 black spots all the way on the back of his tongue? P.S. Would you believe me if I told you the leg in the background is not mine?

Picture of Bob's face taken at a level that is even with his nose. However the bottom half of his nose and the rest of his lower face is covered by blurred out dog parts because the camera didn't focus on them. His eyes are a really deep brown and are almost black and they look really glossy
He has the prettiest eyes ;) That blob of stuff covering the bottom of his face are his legs by the way. 

Picture of a bird that is about an inch above a small branch. His wings are pressed against his body with the ends pointing straight down. It looks like he jumped straight up, his toes are all pointing straight down at the branch he just left.
P.S. Did you see that really cool picture of the bird taking off from a tree branch? I took it this morning :)


Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

LOL Yay for Bob (I almost route POmpei haha) coming to school!!
He'll be fine, I'd bring a toy something quiet, and get there early to walk a little bit. Pompei and I went to class 40 minutes early to walk it out as I call it. He was ok the times he did but I'd really have to sit on him. Also I'd make sure he was good in the water department. Poor Pompei was always dying of thirst by my second class and would be a putz if I didn't make sure to wet his whistle ahead of time. Good Luck!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I heart Bob's face, too! He looks precious, even in the horrid cone. Cabana has the same "tailspin" on the end of her tail--maybe it's really common?

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

OK you're probably tired of hearing this, I know I know...but Bob is really TOO CUTE!!! ;-) What a face. Yeah, those cones are no you're looking forward to him getting it off more than he is! And what GOOD news about him going to class...I'm sure he'll do great.