Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day at the Lake

So right now, Darrell, Erin, the dogs and I are up visiting my grandparents. Yesterday we went out with some of my family to Lake Waco and Bob got his second experience with swimming :) I think he really enjoyed it, he still doesn't really care for swimming - at least not like Egypt does. Egypt would swim way far out, do some circles and them swim to someone or swim back to shore to catch her breath. Bob would swim out to me, rest in my arms (he learned that I would hold up - mainly to keep him from scratching me) and then swim straight back to shore - he wouldn't even swim out for stuff that we threw to fetch, but he's not really into that game anyways.. Lol Egypt doesn't do the "wait" thing (for modified fetch) so she always gets there first so he doesn't care for the game.

Anyways, here are some pictures of our day at the lake :)

close up of Bob's face, his top lip is stuck inside of his mouth or something so his face just looks all lop sided
Bob making a funny face :/ lol

Bob walking along the beach with his back legs wrapped up in his very long leash
He got all tangled up in his leash but didn't seem to mind...

Bob trying to pick up a stick that was about as long as him
They found a really big stick lol. 

Bob in mid stride with his legs and ears flying up in the air
He still just likes to run around on the edge of the water lol.

Me holding Bob so he can rest there in the water
Me holding him while he rests - little turd

Darrell and my cousin trying to find the hole in the big orange floaty
Darrell and my cousin trying to find the hole in this floaty - see the corner is tied up too :) 
We actually found a good use for this floaty - We plan on going kayaking here in about a week and I wanted to see how Bob would do hanging out on something like the floaty (to see if he would be cool going on the kayak with me). Well he actually loved the floaty, every time I was holding it he would come over and throw his front paws up on it and just hang there lol. He'll do great on the kayak! 

Picture of Egypt with her tongue all the way out and curled up towards her nose
Pretty Egypt :) 

Bob and Egypt standing side by side walking out into the water with their tails swishing water everywhere
Best buds - yeah right! 

Close-up of Darrell's face which is half covered by the orange tube he is attempting to blow up
Darrell blowing up a float - it took him forever haha ;) 

Bob laying on some gravel with his leash wrapped around a pole, it wrapped about 3 times
We ate lunch and Bob got all tangled up! 

We had a lot of fun out there at the lake and I can't wait to go kayaking with Bob now ;)

If you want to see more pictures from the day you can check out my facebook album by clicking the link below - there's like 166 so make sure you have some time if you want to look at all the pictures ;)

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Sarah and Vance said...

what a fun day! Yeah, Vance has only been swimming once, but hopefully these next couple of times, he will get the hang of it and like it :)
Bob, ya did good, buddy!!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! swimming ... FUN FUN FUN. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

What a neat adventure! Looks like you all had fun.