Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend on the River

Ever seen a dog on a kayak?! Well, you're about too lol. We spent most of the weekend up at the Guadalupe River with my parents and little brother, while we were there Bob got to go on his first (and probably last because he's getting so big!) kayak ride with me. It was a very relaxing weekend, we didn't do much.. I started school today and that was my only summer week off so thats explains all of the traveling and stuff... So yeah, just a few pictures for you of our weekend ;)

Bob standing on the front end of my bright green kayak
Bob got excited at everything that floated by us - especially the ducks ;) He quickly learned that standing up wasn't much fun though (he fell out once lol) He stayed sitting the rest of the time and just watched things go by. 

Bob sitting facing the front of the kayak but with his head and shoulders turned around looking at something behind me
Bob looking at Darrell (I think) I know the picture makes his head look huge and his body all boney and skinny but he doesn't really look like that - its just a weird angle. I think Bob enjoyed our little kayak trip.. I mean, as much as you can enjoy sitting in a kayak on a very still and calm river, there are no rapids in the area we were in... :( I love going down rapids - I'm trying to convince Darrell to go white water rafting (like a 3 day trip) for our honeymoon lol. 

Bob sleeping on the wooden porch outside
This was the next day, Bob passed out after his few hours playing with Egypt in a shallow part of the river - we took our fold up chairs and just sat in the river and hung out - Bob tried to eat every stick that was out there... 

Oh - I just had to throw him in here... gotta have some people pics to balance out the blog don't ya?
Picture of Darrell in a rocking chair, he's looking down with his eyes closed and is laughing about something
I have such a crush on him... I must be crazy.. 

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your crazy in love chick. you go girl