Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's too quiet..

I dropped Bob off this morning (at 7:30 AM!) my summer brain didn't like that but it will get over it... Oh - dropped him off at the vet's office for his operation - now its too quiet here lol. Everyone wish him luck!

Bob standing in the cargo area of the car with his head hanging over the back of the seats

This is us at the Vet's office.. the car was parked and he got all excited to get out of the car - its funny because when he's on the floor in the front (too much stuff there right now lol) he wouldn't get up until I opened that other door - in the back he gets up when the car turns off.. funny kid. 

Also, wanna hear what happened with the whole school thing?! Well I got another e-mail asking me to contact another person because they wanted to verify that I was an actual volunteer associated with an actual organization..... Because bringing a big hyper 6 month old lab to school is just soooooooo much fun :/

Also, please note that I had shown each one of my professors my GDTx ID card, written down the laws and Michelle's contact info for 1 professor, sent an email with the laws and Michelle's contact info to another lady (the written information was supposed to be given to her btw). So, to get another email telling me that (my translation) no one read my information and no one believed that I actually do what I do - really irritated me. So, I tried to call lady #2, she didn't answer, I left a voicemail. Got mad a second later and decided to email her - so I did... basically I didn't want to have to be nice again so I said Hi, gave my name and then gave Michelle's information (this is the 3rd time - maybe it will work this time..) and sent it... 

Well, I get an email back saying that she will have to verify with Michelle that I 'work' for them and then I should be good to bring my dog... Well thanks.. So, I started my reply email which pretty much said thanks, I appreciate that you want to check for that kind of thing (so 'illegal trainers' don't bring their random pets onto campus) however I was upset with the way that the entire process played out... I mentioned that I had shown my GDTx ID to each one of my professors and that I had given Michelle's information twice already and blah blah blah... Well right when I was about to press send guess who calls me back!?!? Dang it!!!! lol. So, I'm forced to tell her everything in my email but not as mean-ish because I just can't be like that over the phone / in person.... darn me! Actually my email wasn't even that mean, I just like to pretend it was.. Well, she tells me that she had no idea that I had an ID with GDTx and that all I need to do is come over and make a copy of it and I should be good....... Now I can't even be mad at her... whatever - *pouty face* lol.

So I run over to the lady's office before class and she makes a copy of my ID and says something about "We have never worked with GDTx before so we just weren't sure..." I want to say something along the lines of "it shouldn't matter who you're working with, just because you don't know who it is doesn't mean you can question it - do some research! (I gave the web address to everyone!) " But I never said that.. I just smiled and nodded.. told her they were here in San Antonio and around where and she got all excited that they were so close to her home (?) anyways - little rant is over I guess... just had to get it out..

Don't get me wrong - I do appreciate that they are trying to stay within the rules of their 'no pets' policy but that shouldn't have been that hard - which it wasn't.. mainly just a miscommunication I guess.. but still! lol.. maybe I just want to be mad at someone but now there isn't really anyone to be mad at lol.

Also - disclaimer about saying Bob isn't fun to take places - he is, I like going on training walks with him where focus is on him the whole time and learning and stuff - school however is not fun... mainly because I have to write down EVERYTHING or else I won't understand what is going on and he sometimes won't let me do that - but I know its good for him so I deal with it lol.. its not always bad... just if he doesn't get enough energy out before we go (which I know is my fault lol).. anyways.. yeah, thats my disclaimer - hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Does anyone want to make these for my birthday? If not I guess I will force Darrell to roll out all the little balls for me :)
little balls of red velvet cake covered in hardened chocolate - that same kind of chocolate that you use for chocolate covered strawberries
Red Velvet Cake Balls - find the recipe here: Click Me! 

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Ohhh, I hope Bob is doing okay at the vet's and recovers easily. Sorry the school administration is being such a pain in the butt to you. Those red velvet cake balls are interesting! Force Darrell to make me some, too! ;)