Sunday, July 25, 2010

6 tests in 2 weeks - really?

Soooo sorry its been slow lately; obviously from the title I have/had a lot of stuff going on.. basically that means a lot of uninteresting things going on in Bob's working.. We still take him to our normal places and everything so he's still getting work in, I just haven't been able to actually go anywhere special with him lately. The weather doesn't really help this issue but as soon as my last 3 tests (finals actually) are done with this week I plan on going crazy in the Bob-walking department.

Bob in his crate with his feet sticking out of the front of it
We need to get Bob a new crate soon - he's just too big and can't stretch out like he likes too...
I want to take Bob to the zoo one day, it's a very distracting place though so he might need some extra work in before he goes there... or maybe we'll go spend a day at the botanical gardens - those places usually have plenty of shade and the temperature isn't really terrible when its shady. I have heard mixed things about service dogs in zoos but its allowed so I'll definitely do it. One day, lol. I also think another mall trip is in order along with a movie - I haven't been to the movies in forever and Bob wants to see "Despicable Me" so gotta take care of that lol.

Saturday morning I helped out at a tour at GDTX - Bob wasn't able to come because we have to wait for results on his tummy bugs so he doesn't pass something through the kennels but I got some good pictures of speakers and guests. If any of you readers live around the San Antonio area that would like to take a tour of the Guide Dogs of Texas Facility, the host them every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. If you would like to attend one just make sure to RSVP with Annie at (210) 366-4081. There will also be one on Saturday Sept. 11th if you can't make a Thursday - Check them out, its pretty neat :)

Picture of the guests standing on the sidewalk waiting to proceed with the tour
There was a pretty good turn out - one person was a client of GDTX - goes to show that even if you have been there before you can still take the tour. That was technically my second time participating lol. 

Picture of a brick path that winds a bit to a tree, the bricks circle the tree.
The tour members got to take the same "Walk of Independence" that the clients get to take when they train with their guide dog. 

Staff member Kim talking to the guests while holding some papers
Kim tells a client story as we stand along the brick path at the end of the walk of independence. 

Guests looking at a picture and passing it around
A client's picture gets passed around as his amazing story is told.

Guests standing around the tree while a few laugh and smile
It was enjoyed by all. 

Sandy standing with guide in training at her feet, we are now all crowded into the kennel area.
Sandy tells the guests her own story as well as a clients. She also talks about how there are only 2 GDMIs (Guide dog Mobility Instructors) in the state of Texas - with another hopefully graduating soon to become the 3rd. 

A client with her guide and a board member making their way down a sidewalk into the client living area
We make our way into the client living area to hear one last story before the tour is over. 
It was a fun and inspirational tour and I highly recommend going to anyone who can to try and make it to one of them.

Also, on a non-Bob related note Darrell and I attended a wedding that night I wanted to share a few pictures of him walking in Downtown San Antonio - Egypt did great with all the craziness of down town San Antonio - Hey there's another thing I can do with Bob - trip to the River Walk here we come! Maybe we'll go on a ferry ride too.. hmmm ;) Oh, here are the pics of Darrell and Egypt working.

Darrell and Egypt walking down the sidewalk with a huge red wall behind, a tiled pillar separates the wall from the rest of the wall. Darrell is dressed up in grey slacks, blue button up shirt and black tie
I love this picture - one Darrell is cleaned up and there is not a baseball cap in sight lol. Two, look at the red wall! 

Darrell and Egypt walking down the sidewalk, you can see the street and overhead signs behind them.
Egypt was doing so great with the traffic (not much when this was taken but I promise it was there). Anyways, she stopped to get some treats. 

Darrell and Egypt on the sidewalk, he's bending down giving her some dog treats
Still munchin as they keep going. 

Darrell and Egypt walking out of the hotel, the lights behind him are yellow and gold that fade into green
As we leave the hotel where the reception was - pretty background colors. 

Darrell standing at the edge of the sidewalk facing the street
Waiting to cross the street. 

Darrell and Egypt walking towards me, there is a huge building with lights on in every room in the distance behind the two.
All those lights in the background are the place where the reception was. We were all the way up on the 22nd floor - the elevator went super fast and we didn't like it at all lol. Next time I'll take the stairs in hopes of losing 8 pounds on the way up haha! 


Wendy said...

I'm glad to know there are tours on Saturday sometimes! I know someone who might want to go, but there's no way he could make the Thursday tours. I'll pass that info along. (I want to make a tour, myself...just gotta make the time.) Love the pics of Darrell w/Egypt. Kind of neat the way you took most of them off-kilter. ;)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Neat tour and look at the campus. Very cool. Love the pics of Darrell and Egypt.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

My word, you've been busy lately. I think you deserve to treat yourself & Bob to a movie after all those finals!

What great pictures of Darrell & Egypt!!

dad said...

Darrell cleans up nicely! We want a family photo, with no caps, all clean and everything, you know.

Abbey said...

Bailey and I are so jealous that Bob gets to go to all of the fun place you mentioned. She and I are planning to go on a date to the Botanical Garden's Dog Days of Summer on August 7 when Travis is out of town. I was about to give you the link, but then I realized that Bob can go any day. He doesn't have to wait until Dog Days. We also want to take Bailey to the new part of the Riverwalk. Dogs are welcome there, but I don't think they'd let her ride a barge. Maybe she could borrow Bob's vest and go in disguise. She's so eager to meet people though, she'd blow her "all business" cover.

Natalie said...

Abbey - Send me the link! I want to go! Lol if it's ok we would love to crash your date with Bailey - Dog days would really help with Bob's dog distractions :)

I'm sure we can find some places that will let Bailey in without her secret disguise ;)

I know that there are some dog friendly restaurants on the Riverwalk (not sure which) I think they just make you sit outside which is ok for me :)

Abbey said...

Here's the link for Dog Days of Summer at the Botanical Garden.
Bailey would love to double date. If you find a place along the riverwalk that allows Paws on the Patio, the six of us should go together. I heard that La Gloria on the new part of the river has a patio and the dining is more casual, maybe they allow pooches.