Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So we're all home now! Bob got a very good report from his puppy sitter over the weekend. She said he was doing great and he did some of his "finds" really well - others not so well lol. I was really excited because she told me he found the elevator perfectly(He's only seen like 3 elevators), however was oblivious about the button - which is how he is with me so nothing new there haha. She said he had a lot of fun with Mason and didn't have one accident in the house (a problem he had with his last puppy sitter, which was only for a day). Bob is continuing to do good in class with me, we had off on Monday so haven't had to tackle the barking situation in the lab class yet but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I have been trying my hardest to be "blind" while I have him do his finds... meaning I am trying not to give him any cues as to what I want him to find - Michelle says everyone does it and can't help it but a blind person won't be able to do it so thats how I'm trying to be. He found a trash can great the other day when I attempted this first, today however he just looked at me like "what?". I'll just have to keep working on it.. No new pictures of him (sorry) since we were away from each other all weekend but I did try my hand at photographing fireworks - it wasn't terrible, wasn't great - lets just say I have a lot more ideas for next time :) So, here are a few firework pictures that actually turned out all right. 

picture of a lot of mini fireworks that cover the entire frame, they are all white with a dark black background and the wind caused all the tails to go to the left. They look like a bunch of flowers floating in the wind except its night time and the flowers are made out of fire

this is a picture of a big read firework that had just burst so its big and flowered out and you can see the firey trail that it took up to where it exploded

this firework is smaller and you can see its trail also, it is mainly orange with purple outbursts from the center

this one is also smaller with a trail, it is green and yellow

P.S. We have to go back out of town this weekend so Bob is heading off to a puppy sitter again :( hopefully Mason's raiser will be able to take him again because it sounds like he had a lot of fun there with them ;)


Abbey said...

Thanks for letting is follow Bob's adventures. My husband Travis is in your chem lab and he told me about Bob's training. What an amazing job for a lab to have. I'm sure he loves it.

Natalie said...

Thanks Abbey! Travis has told me about you and Bailey,I'm glad to be able to put faces with the names :) Hope you enjoy and I'll be checking out your blog soon - once all the homework is done, so maybe next year... that cool?

Wendy said...

Your fireworks pics are pretty good! If you go to the Canon website, they have a tutorial on taking photos of fireworks. I actually printed it out so I can refer back to it. It tells you what settings to use on your camera to get the best shots & gives tips on how to take them. Of course, it's specific to Canon cameras, but you should be able to adapt it to your camera if it's not a Canon. I have a few posted on my FB page from last year that I took following the directions.