Friday, July 2, 2010

Bob's Summer Grades

Well, Bob just had his first week in class and I'm gonna have to give him a C in Chem Lab and an A in both Chemistry and Physics - for now lol. He did great in my Tuesday/Thursday classes which I was pretty surprised by honestly. I'm in class those days from 2 to 8 with short breaks in between. I fully expected him to be up/down/up/down after only about an hour into the class but by utilizing the short breaks for his potty time and short bouts of work I think it really helped with his boredom. If only he acted like that when we went to movies :/ lol. Now, the lab class is a different story - He actually wasn't as terrible as I thought he would be but he did start barking at me both days. This half way surprised me because he's not a big barker to begin with and he has only barked in public once (before this week). Its just because he's chained up in a corner and no one is paying him any attention - apparently he doesn't like this. Anyways - plan is to ignore him till the barking stops and praise him when he's quiet and good... wonder if I'll have the strength lol. Well if you haven't checked out the pics from the mobile uploads here are a few from this week - mainly lab class because that is the interesting one lol...

Sorry they aren't the best quality - took them with my phone.

Bob tied to a large cabinet in the corner of a lab class room, there is a big poster of the periodic table hanging above his head and lab equipment on the table that is right in picture. Bob has is curled up against the wall with his eyes closed
First day of lab class - he actually fell asleep for like 2 seconds! He never falls asleep in class :) 

Bob tied up in the same corner with his face and legs flat on the floor, he lays with his front legs out at 90 degree angles at the shoulder and elbows, there are three students in lab coats and safety goggles standing around him and he's staring straight at me slash the camera
This is the next day with crazy people walking around in their crazy jackets and goggles - it doesn't even phase him. At least it didn't for another few minutes - every once in a while he'll pop up if someone gets too close but they could just be making eye contact or something without me knowing. Oh well - good practice for him either way. 

Bob laying in the car fast asleep with his nose straight up in the air because of the way he is propped up against the car
This was on the car ride over today - its not even that long of a drive but the car is like a lullaby for Bob - he's out so quick! 
Bob sniffing a big grated floor that you can see through to the floor below
This was today during a potty break - he didn't know what to make of the grates (they are the landings for the outside stair case) he didn't want to step on them at first but after a little coaxing he was fine - just really sniffy (?) It was hard to get his nose up and focused on me.. 

Bob is also leaving us for the weekend, we are headed over to Darrell's parents and there really isn't much to do for Bob over there so he's going to a puppy sitter for the weekend. He'll get to hang out with Mason, a CC'ed tall white labradoodle whom I have never met but I know of him so hopefully Bob will have fun! Plus this will be his first time away from for more than a few hours so we'll see how he does - 3 days is a long time! So - more stories once he gets back I guess ;)


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Ha ha! He looks so forlorn in the corner! Does he really not sleep at all during class? Cabana never would sleep on outings. It's funny how some dogs can just sleep anywhere and some can't. Just like people!

Amanda said...

Kyle has invented the same breed of naughtiness as Bob. If I put him on tiedown and then ignore him, he now barks. This is going to be a problem when I head back to work in the middle of August. I'm a teacher, so he'll spend all of his days tied in a corner the way Bob is. If you figure out a solution to the problem, let me know. :)

People laugh when I tell them one of the most important things a guide puppy has to learn to do is to do nothing while we are busy in public. It sounds like Bob is well on his way to learning that.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Good job Bob...I like the picture of him on the grate. Hopefully he gets over the barking thing. Alfie doesn't sleep on outings either. But at least now he'll lay down and "pretend"! ;)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW - looks like he's doing good by not being phased by all those people walking around in the lab coats. Hope the barking subsides shortly. I'm sure it will with a bit more practice! Good luck on your first extended time away from him. It's hard but so good for them!