Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quiet Week

Its been a quiet week around here - Bob has a stomach bug we're trying to get rid of so not too much action while he readjusted his schedule (due to the meds and prescription diet). I didn't want to take him to class because thats just a long time to be hanging out and not knowing what his bathroom schedule looks like. However he did take a trip with me to J.C. Penney on Friday. I grabbed one of those funny cart things they have to work him around that, whenever I go grocery shopping I usually don't use one if it is just him and I; when my sister or Darrell are around though they use it so Bob hasn't really had good work behind one before. It was kind of interesting because he didn't want to walk behind it, he wanted to walk in front of it so I had the opportunity to work with him on his pulling and walking in the place where I want him to be. It was also good to work on his down-stays while I moved around all the racks of clothes that were nearby. Here are some pictures of our little shopping trip.

Bob laying in the back of the car - he looks a bit depressed
I told him where we were going beforehand - that was probably wasn't the smartest idea lol. 

Bob laying on the floor at j.c. penney's, his leash is tied to the cart and he's looking at me with his mouth open a bit.
He didn't care for me walking around and leaving him - this isn't a bark face - promise lol. 

Bob laying on the floor with his head under a bunch of jeans
He decided to help me look for some clothes - how nice. 

Him still under the jean rack but this time with his head looking back at me with his mouth open, he looks like he is smiling
"Found some good ones over here!"

Bob on a down stay over by the cart, he's probably about ten to fifteen feet away from me, he is watching me
Practicing his down stay - he did good until I started walking back and he got up to greet me lol. We'll have to work on that. 

In the dressing room, picture of the back of Bob's head while he faces the mirror, you can see his face in the reflection
"Hey - there's already someone in here!"
 So after our little trip we went home and hung out the rest of the day - actually a friend came over and made us all some chicken spaghetti - nice little Friday night lol. After Bob's dinner though he went into his crate for a bit and after a while the little turd wanted out (like always) Its not that he doesn't like his crate but right now its in the living room to help with just these issues - he doesn't like it when he's not in the action. We moved him out there during his cone-period because of the noise and thats when we noticed his 'problem'. He has gotten so much better since then, I'll probably move him back into the bedroom soon. Friday night however he just didn't like that we were up and moving around without him.  So he started whining and making faces at us - how rude!

Picture of Bob in his crate, both paws are up against the door and his nose is resting against one of the horizontal metal bars, resting his nose here cause his lip to be pulled up and his top teeth and gums to show, his nose is also smooshed a bit because the vertical bars are squishing his nostrils together
"Someone please let the poor puppy out.." 

Pretty much the same picture as above except one of his eyes is squinting so it makes him look like an angry little bull dog
"I'm gonna slobber all over when I get out of here!" 

Well after he stopped whining and making rude faces we let him out for a bit and he said thank you by sharing his bone with my leg ;)

Bob chewing on a bone right next to my leg, one of his paws is resting on my foot and the other is underneath my leg
Thanks for busting me out! 


Amanda said...

The pictures of Bob in his kennel are just too funny. I've never seen that expression on a puppy before. The paws on the door just add to it. Thanks for a good laugh Bob!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Oh my gosh - you get the funniest pictures of Bob! He is hilarious! WHat a good boy too! I love how he helps you pick out jeans.