Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Isn't he sweet? Darrell went down to the front office to get my birthday present for me! It was on backorder and got here yesterday but was locked in the front office because I didn't get back from class till late :)

Darrell walking down the parking lot with a big white box in his hand and Egypt's harness in the other - dog included of course, this shot is from the patio of our apartment right as Darrell is walking between two cars
I snapped a few pictures to remember the moment haha! 

Darrell walking with his back towards me now as he goes to the sidewalk, he is just passing a small car and about to turn right onto the sidewalk
He was walking very fast and I didn't have time to adjust the settings or anything so sorry if these look pretty bad..

Darrell and Egypt walking down the little sidewalk that leads to our door and three others, Egypt is looking over in my direction
Egypt saw me!!! This is where I ran back inside to open the box!
Darrell got me a Kelly Moore Camara bag it actually looks like a purse and doesn't shout "Hey, I have an expensive camera hanging off my shoulder - come and grab it! ". So far with the 2 seconds I spent putting my stuff in it I like it - I'm not really a big purse kind of girl but maybe this will convert me. I definitely don't have enough camera equipment to fill this up so there will be room for my wallet and some other stuff - bring on the next vacation!

P.S. Kelly Moore has two bag types for women and one for men, tons of colors! If there is actually a guy out there reading my blog who is into photography.. speak up if you're out there cause I have no idea! 


Wendy said...

OMGOSH! I LOVE those camera bags!!! I've seen some that look like backpacks that I also REALLY like, but I've never seen any like this. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to save up or ask for it for a gift sometime. :) I hate having to carry a purse AND my camera bag. Plus, like you, I don't like it to be obvious that I have my camera sometimes.

Natalie said...

Yes I heart it and plan on taking it with me everywhere - even wal-mart! Ok, not really but maybe one day I'll feel the need - we'll see... :)

Erin and Co. said...


Sarah and Vance said...

Cool, love the pics :)

Abbey said...

Now that you've had your camera purse for a while what do you think? I was thinking about asking for one for Christmas because I would like to start taking more pictures when I'm away from the house. Have you found that you carry your camera more now that you have the purse? I don't carry a purse so I'm worried that it might not use it enough. You said you're not a purse person either so I'd love to hear your opinion.

Natalie said...

I like it - I do take it to some random places now that I wouldn't have taken it before and even though its kind of big I don't feel like its screaming at everyone like a normal camera bag would you know.. I don't feel weird when I walk around with it vs how I would feel with my Nikon bag. Does that help? Lol I say if you want to start taking your camera around and not have everyone know you have it at all times get it (or one like it..) Epiphany also has some purse-like camera bags you can look at. Let me know if you have anymore questions :)