Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bob at the mall equals tiny people overload.

Image of Bob laying in front of a table with a macy's table cloth on it, he is laying next to a big plastic bank shaped like a yellow lab guide with a yellow lab puppy in front of it.
Bob in front of our little booth at Macy's -
 he is next to the coin dog piggy bank that we
put out in order to help raise funds.
That one is the large one -
there is a small on table to the left. 
Well Bob has been to the mall before but today was a special day. First Bob and I weren't there to shop - which is not normal. Second there were tons of people at the mall - which is only semi normal but there were more people than normal this time. Want to know why? Because Bob and I volunteered to be at a booth set up by GDTX at Macy's to spread the word about our organization - oh did you now its tax free weekend?

 It was a pretty normal volunteer gig - you know stand there give out information on the program, tell people how they can volunteer.. and stop Bob from licking the faces off tiny child like people things... typical volunteer day haha.  It was actually a really experience for Bob with him getting to meet so many children and babies and different people. He has met people before but never to that capacity. He did bark a few times - once was a mom was kind of dancing around Bob with her baby trying to get him to pet him or something... she wasn't really dancing but from Bob's perspective she was practically teasing him with that baby lol.

A board member and I in front of our booth, bob is sitting in between us looking off to the side with his head cocked to one side
One of the board members and I pose for a
picture - isn't Bob's face priceless!?
I wonder what he was looking at..
The other times that he barked (ehem.. 3 barks actually lol) was when one of the employees from GDTx brought his dog to the store - Autumn, who is actually a retired guide dog who became a guide dog ambassador with Larry, the puppy raising supervisor. So, Autumn is technically a pet but since she is a GD ambassador she gets to go out and represent for GDTx since she is still able to go out and do stuff like that. Anyways it was a really good day and Bob was good and worn out on the way home from saying hi to so many people..

Bob laying on the floor looking up at the camera, he has drool streaks across the top of his muzzle from shaking and drooling at the same time
If you blow this picture up you can see
the drool on his nose,licking all those
little hands is hard work!
However as soon as we got home he must have gotten his second wind or something because that boy went a little crazy.. you know how puppies do those labby loops around everywhere sometimes.. they do 3 to 4 laps and they're good.. Well Bob did his 3 to 4 laps, and then did it again, and then did it again, and then did it again.. he had his little case of labby loops every 5 minutes for about 2 hours... he pretty much went crazy and I'm pretty sure we have to get the carpet stretched now that his running has pulled it all up haha. Well, after a while it became time for Bob to be put up before his dinner so he wouldn't continue to go crazy and try to tackle Egypt in between all of his craziness... anyways point of that is he wasn't in his crate for more than 30 seconds and he was dead to the world.. I like him like that haha.

Picture of me kneeling down and posing with bob in front of our booth
Bob and I pose - please ignore the ridiculous hair - it was hot.. don't judge me! 


Amanda Ellen said...

Sounds like you had fun! I hope to meet Bob one day! He sounds like a great little boy! I told you 4:30 would come early, and I'm leaving this comment at like 5? Yeah, so glad you didn't have a total overload, and neither did Bob. Yeah, today is my day to have an overload :) Its goin to be a long day, text if you want not sure if I'll hear the phone :)

Amanda said...

I always love reading your blog since Bob and Kyle are the same age. Right now it sounds like Kyle and Bob could be twins with their barking and endless energy. The only way Kyle naps in in his crate or on tiedown. Silly puppies!

Ro said...

But what I want to know is, what did your hair look like?

Does Bob ever wack his head on the wall when doing labby loops? Jayden does haha!

Becky said...

Sounds like a great, busy day! Bob sounds like a great little guy. I'm sure your hair is very cute :D

ChrisAnna said...

Bob seems to always be entertaining. The dog I am puppy sitting right now Laser let out a few barks while we were bowling yesterday. Eh, it happens.... I have been pretty lucky none of my pups (so far) have been barkers.

You look great! But have you seen my photos lately? Wow talk about bad hair day... everyday. Haha Oh well...

Natalie said...

Haha my hair is kind of gross It was decent before I got there but I was running late so didn't have time to fix it. Basically since my hair is short and because I was sweating it kind of makes me look like a mushroom head haha.