Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick funny story

So, I don't really have time to write a whole blog post - even though I do have a lot to say. But here is a pretty funny / slightly terrible story about Bob. Today was the first day of school so I didn't bring Bob to school because like I learned last semester - its simply just better to give a heads up. Plus its insanely crowded on the first day! Regardless - when I let Bob out of his crate at 9:00 this morning after I got home from class #1 he was a little more hyper than usual but that isn't the funny part of the story. So, he grabbed the first toy he saw and started running around like a crazy kid with it. Well apparently he didn't want to play with me because he ran into Erin's room, who by the way was still sleeping, and stuck the toy on her bed and asked her to play. Well, she was still sleeping and didn't want to play at that particular hour of the morning so she just rolled over and ignored him. Evidently Bob had a problem with this because he started barking at her lol. So, I had to run in there and get him out before he disturbed the sleeping beast too much. Not saying Erin is a beast - I just wouldn't want to be the reason for her waking up if you know what I mean. Poor Bob - he didn't get to play with Erin. But after a while I started recording him running around and going crazy - well guess what he decides to do once the camera turns on - he did nothing but stare at me. Good thing was I finally got his funny yawn on camera!

Here is the link if you're unable to view it. Click Me.

Bob doesn't always yawn like this. He only yawns big in the morning but most of the time his noise is more high pitched and much shorter lol. Hope you enjoyed!


Tabatha said...

HAHA I love the yawn!!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

haha Bob, that's hilarious! What are you trying to say?! :-D

Lauren, Spike and Clyde said...

His yawn is so cute!
Poor Bob.. totally rejected by Erin. lol