Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Monday....

So today started out like any other day.. wake up at 6:45. Make it to class by 7:30... take an exam.. You know how that goes. lol. Well after I had gotten home and fed Bob, Darrell and I started working on getting some school stuff done. He wasn't able to register for a class that he needed so we had to figure that out. Also, there is a course showing up that I had gotten out of at the beginning of summer.. it just showed up recently and I'm not supposed to have it.. So I don't know if I'm going to be charged for it or not. Well while we were both on hold FOREVER with a few different people we decided to just go up to the school and get it taken care of. The lines aren't long at the moment because everybody just calls - and gets put on hold lol.

So, we load up the dogs and take off for what we thought was going to be a short trip to the school. Well, technically the office we went to first was a short trip, however, they couldn't help us and sent us to another office. They semi-helped us and then sent us to another office - its hot by the way... Well we go to this other office and meet Darrell's advisor along the way.. we still need to go to this office but she told us that we never needed to go to any other office at all.. just have to click some buttons and then reregister him for the course. Well ok - that takes care of Darrell's problem. More office going for my problem though.

Bob was doing pretty good throughout our little hike of the school. He needs some more work on his most recently learned finds though. He did pretty well after a little refresher - he is still reluctant to sit at his finds though - he'll go to them stand there and look at me like "where's my treat"? He is supposed to sit at all of his finds and he does most of the time, but his down steps are the hardest... I can just hear him thinking "What's the point? We're just going to go down them anyways...." lol turd. Well, we'll work through them... His pulling is getting a bit better too.. he doesn't so much pull anymore but does put more tension on the leash than I would like.. just gotta keep working lol! Well, here are a few pictures of our day at school.
Bob with his front two legs up on the stairs, his head is turned around looking at me
Bob finding a stair case at the school. 

Bob sitting at the top of a stair case, looking at me with his mouth open and tongue out a bit.
Bob at a down step - he was getting hot by this time lol.

Now, Bob getting tired on walks has its ups and downs - on one hand he walks slower and pulls less earning him more praise. On the other - his finds start to really go down hill.... After a while I would ask him to find me a seat and he took me to the trash can.... I asked for the trash can and he took me to a water fountain haha... Well, after we stopped by the office I needed to go too (Darrell had already gone to the car - no point in him following me around the school.... ) we stopped and Bob got some water - he was a bit better after this but kept trying to get the collapsible bowl that I had stuck in my purse - I don't think his thirst was completely quenched lol.

Bob standing under a water fountain drinking from a little collapsible bowl
Bob's first bowl of water - he drank it all in about 2 seconds lol. 

Bob sitting while he drinks his water
Bob's second bowl of water he didn't get up to drink - look at that long crazy neck haha.

So, after the school and after a short break Erin asked if we wanted to go to Chili's - so we went :) haha. Nothing special on that trip - just normal. But he did get to work on leave-it with a french fry lol.

Bob's butt under my chair at Chili's, only his butt and back legs are under there the rest is out of the frame
Bob doesn't quite fit under the chairs - ever - he's a stretch out kinda dog...  
Picture of Bob from the front, most of his body is under the table with his butt under my chair
See what I mean? I'm pretty sure he's incapable of curling into a ball..
Bob laying with his face about a foot and a half from a french fry
This french fry threatened trouble.. we handled it though. 

Bob got a bath a few hours after we got home - he stank... I think it's his feet.. Darrell says he just stinks lol.
Picture of Bob in the bathtub. His head is right over the rim of the tub and it looks five times as big as it should because how close his head is to the camera
Close the shower curtain!!! Dang! 


Wendy said...

Looks like Bob-O is gaining some weight! YEA! I'll be interested to know how you get him to curl up if that happens. When I have Lola, I have a hard time getting her into small spaces or under chairs. She, too, seems to be more inclined to spread out! I'm totally fascinated by "finds". I'm mystified at how you teach that!

Abbey said...

LOL. We had the same stank problem with Bailey's feet. We washed her but she still smelled. We decided it was her feet so we took her swimming for about an hour at Travis' parents house. It worked.

Natalie said...

Haha yeah - its not exactly Bob but if his crate gets too stinky from his feet then he starts to stink too lol. I call it frito feet - they have scent glands on their pads or something and it smells like corn chips to a lot of people... gross if you ask me haha

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said... cute. Alfie's the same way when he finds a seat, it's like "Well, the seat's for you, I don't have to sit TOO do I?"

Sounds like a great day of practice for Bob! You're doing such an awesome job w/ him! :)

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Though it was long day - it sure looks like he had some fun! Loved the pictures,

Rudy's Raiser