Sunday, March 21, 2010

4 Months

So I guess this is the 4 things in 4 months post.. I forgot to do 3 months so here ya go! 

1. Bob is really long and lanky and refuses to gain weight lol. 
Bob and Egypt running in a yard, he is running toward me with his legs out straight so it makes him look super long.

2. He likes to play rough.
Bob and Egypt trying to bite each other in the face, Egypt is facing the camera and you can see all her teeth, Bob is facing away but you can tell he's got her. Darrell's drum set is in the background.

3. He forces the cat into hiding under the couch. 
The cat under the couch, all you can see is her face and her right front paw next to it. She looks slightly peeved. You can see her orange toe and her soft paws on in.

4. When I sit on the floor he likes to curl up and sleep next to me.
Bob curled up in a ball right up against my leg, his ear is flopped over on my leg and his face is tucked into his belly.