Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vision Walk and Toothies

On Saturday San Antonio had its 2nd Annual Vision Walk - A fundraising walk for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Last year I volunteered at it and this year I wanted to walk it with Bob, Darrell and Egypt. Its a 5k walk (3.1 miles) in the same park that we are training at so I used it as my daily exercise! We wound up with a fairly large group with us. Darrell's sister Erica came with us along with a friend of hers and Shelley, my friend from the hike came also with her friend (Tieg) and the friends dog. Sorry if that was a confusing sentence lol. Wound up with 6 total of us with 3 dogs; Egypt, Bob and the other dog Lazarus.

Egypt and Darrell waiting patiently while I registered
Egypt in harness sitting next to Darrell. You can see part of his left leg and hip, He is wearing black basketball shorts and he's holding his hands in front of him. Egypt is looking over to her right. The sun is on both of them so you can see the color in her eyes really well, a pretty amber color.
Me trying to distract Bob from the little girl that 
I'm positive was trying to slip him Cheetos. 
Bob sitting on the ground next to Darrell's leg, he is wearing his puppy jacket and looking up at me. Part of Darrell and Egypt can be seen in the picture, they are facing the opposite way and Egypt is sitting in between Darrell's legs.

Well we all got separated at the very beginning of the walk, Laz is a fairly new rescued dog so Tieg wanted to stay towards the back where there wasn't too many other dogs or people. He was a really well behaved dog but likes to pull when he wants something - he's a chow mix so pretty big and strong. So, Shelley, Tieg, Bob, Laz and I were pretty much at the back of the crowd, which was fine with me because with all those other dogs Bob was pulling bad. It was easier to pause every time he pulled when there weren't a lot of people behind us. He got it about 10 minutes in though - I felt bad because he kept choking himself but he finally settled and walked nicely.

Bob checking out a stroller - its funny how right
when the camera goes up they stop being good lol.
Bob and I walking in a group of people, Tieg and Laz are next to us on our left and there is a group on our right, the lady next to me has a stroller and Bob is attempting to get to it and sniff. I have my puppy raiser shirt on which is blue and a long sleeved pink shirt under it
Bob and Laz walking very nicely together. 
A picture from my point of view of Bob and Lazarus walking side by side, you can read Bob's puppy jacket nicely from this angle lol. Laz is a big fluffy chow mix dog that has the same color markings as a siamese cat, he has tiny little ears that sit on top of his head and the little triangles flop over to the front.

The walk was a 1.75 mile loop that we were to do twice, I was happy about that just incase Bob's stamina wasn't up for the whole 3 miles but when we made the first loop he was still pretty into it. I was actually surprised that Bob was able to finish the walk - 3 miles is a long walk for 3.5 month old! I figured that since he wasn't lagging behind and still putting a bit of tension on the leash he would be fine. I made sure to give him plenty of water breaks too so that helped. I was also really proud of him because he never once attempted to go to the bathroom! With all that excitement around I thought for sure he would start sniffing halfway through but he just kept on trudging. I did give him a chance to go though once the race was over. It was a pretty good morning in my opinion. However Bob's stamina was not in anyway depleted with our walk - he slept in his hour before and after lunch and after that he was completely normal! Haha - I was hoping for a passed out puppy all day long. But thats one thing I have noticed about Bob - He's either awake or asleep, not in between - never sleepy lol. I have been wanting to trim his nails and was told to try it when he's asleep, well as soon as you touch him he's wide awake! I guess I'll just have to hog tie him or something haha.

Tired little Bob at the end of the walk, he's 
panting but you can't really tell from 
the angle, he got water right after this. 

Oh, news! Guess who whistles while he barks?! Well not really but Bob's front tooth is missing!! lol His little hole is so goofy looking! Here's a pic to show it!

Me holding Bob's lips open, his top front left tooth is missing - he has a little pink hole where it goes. All the rest of his teeth are very tiny and there are really big gaps in between each one.

I'm not sure if that other front tooth is a new or old one, it looks new to me, maybe that't because it's tiny..  at least I got to see what missing puppy teeth looks like! 


Carrie and Waffle said...

Bob- I'm missing all 4 of my front teeth, this makes playing tug kind of hard. BFF is worried that my new teeth look really small, but what do I care as long as I can still do my favorite thing EAT!
love and liver treats

Becky said...

So great you were able to do the vision walk! We aren't going to be able to do the Utah one this year -- It is so much fun.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Whistle's while he walks. HA HA!!! Cool - I'm on the planning board for the FFB VisionWalk in KC! We are kicking off this year's walk in 3 weeks. I can't wait!