Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puppy Play Date

Bob got invited to his first party. On Saturday Darrell, Bob and I drove up to Austin to attend a puppy play date hosted by another puppy raiser. There were three puppies up there, a little black lab named Celia (who lived there), a chocolate doodle named Alfie (remember him?) and mr. wrinkles himself Bob! They ran around for a few hours while we all chatted. They were really all worn out by the end of it. We all had a lot of fun but there's not much to say about it lol. Here are some pictures that Beth sent me, I forgot my camera. 

A picture of all three puppies standing in the yard, Celia is trying to bite bob in the neck and Alfie isn't really paying attention to them lol

A picture of all three puppies, its very similar to the first one however Bob is now trying to bite Celia and she is trying to bite back - they look like they are trying to eat each others faces

The dogs standing around our little lawn chair circle. You can see Darrells leg and parts of Celia and Alfie - You can see all of Bob and his mouth is wide open - he's probably about to bite someone lol

Oh and towards the end we tried to get a pic of all the dogs on a down stay but they weren't really cooperating, as soon as one would get it another one would distract it and it was all crazy lol.. maybe someday. Anyways, we decided to just try and hold them in place - that didn't go very well either lol. 

A picture of Tracy, Beth and I all with our puppies in our laps, Celia and Alfie are trying to get at each other and Bob isn't looking at either of them.. He looks preoccupied with something outside of the shot.

P.S. There are a few more really cute pics on Beth and Alfie's blog - head over there and see Bob's wrinkles! 

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