Sunday, March 14, 2010

Picnic and Rocks

On Friday, Darrell a friend and I took a little trip up to one of our state parks - we decided to have a picnic out there and hike for an hour or two. Bob couldn't come because he's not fully vaccinated yet but Egypt was able to come. Theres not really much to say - we just hiked lol so here are some pics of our little trip :)

Some pictures from the picnic.

Our Picnic table and all our goodies ;)
Picnic table full of all our food, we brought sandwich stuff, chips, fruits and cheese cubes lol. You can see Darrell's elbow leaning on the table and my friend Shelly standing in the background - well the bottom of her white shirt and her purple shorts.
Darrell's nasty bologna and mustard
double layer sandwich.Close up of Darrell's sandwich its half eaten and has mustard all over it

Close up of our mixed fruit bowl, there's strawberries, cantelope, pineapple, kiwis, grapes, and blueberries
Egypt under the table - she had an apple with 
some peanut butter - she left the apple lol. 
picture of Egypt laying under the picnic table - she's looking up at me and you can see Darrell's legs behind her

Now pictures from the actual hike.
Egypt went as just a dog today but still had to do some work - she leash guided Darrell all throughout the trail and he avoided way more trips than we did. 

Darrell, Egypt and I posing in the middle of the trail.
Picture of us posing in the middle of the dirt trail - even Egypt looks like she is smiling. Darrell is wearing a red shirt and light khaki shorts, I'm in a blue shirt and black yoga pants. Egypt is naked.

Egypt would lead Darrell around 
all these big rocks, she was really careful on
the difficult parts like this. 
Egypt guiding Darrell through a bunch of rocks and gravel on the trail, there's trees all around and Darrell has my camera bag and Egypts water bottle hanging off his waste.

Some pretty cliffs on the side of the trail -
this is where we stopped and turned around 
(marker 10 on the trail - just incase you ever go lol).
Picture of tall cliffs with trees hanging over and growing out of the side of them - the whole area was really open and pretty

Egypt got some refreshments when we stopped 
to turn around.
Egypt drinking out of her waterbottle slash tray thing we bought from petco.

Darrell and our friend Shelly on our way back. 
 Front view of Darrell and Egypt and Shelly walking towards me on the path, theres trees behind and shade covering about half the trail.


Momma said...

Great pics and isn't it nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the great weather! Poor Bob, but he'll get his turn soon hopefully. Uhm, one HUGE question though - you said we could go and which marker we could the cliffs, but since you never mentioned which park, I guess we'll never find it! Good thing you took Darrell or he'd be lost too. Ha-Ha,

Natalie said...

Yes thank you for pointing that out to everyone Momma! However since I don't want stalkers following me on my hikes I didn't put the name - if you would like to know it you can email me privately! (can be found on my profile)

Safety first then teamwork - wear shoes in the house..

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Mmmm, that fruit looks delicious! I can't say the same about Darrell's bologna sandwich, but still, Natalie, I don't think it's nice to say it's nasty!! Poor Darrell....


Ro said...

Leash guiding? Huh? Hmmm.

Sounds like fun, for sure! I'm still curious though. When Jay is on leash, he doesn't stop for things. I'd be scared to do that without the harness.

Natalie said...

Haha sorry - I just hate bologna and mustard so yup - nastiness lol.

Ro the leash guiding came from a petco experience I think - I think we had gotten Egypt groomed or something so when we went to pick her up Darrell didn't take her harness in. Well she just kind of acted like she does when she's working so yeah.. it works lol. Also, one of the workers at GDTx was telling us that service or guide dogs don't necessarily need any identification at all. He said that he can walk in Wal-Mart just using leash guide and no one could do anything about it.. so that kind of showed us that it wasn't unheard of. I'm sure you'll be able to do it sometime soon. You just gotta learn each other a little more ;)

Ro said...

Well when I'm walking around the house with him, I'll let him decide where he wants to go. But I can't really feel what he's doing without the harness. I guess it would just kinda freak me out. And like, he'll avoid walls and such for his own preservation, but he is out of work mode without that harness. I commend Darrell, I'd be scared lol!

Darrell Garza said...

What's wrong with bologna? Leash guiding feels kinda weird Ro because there is so many ways the leash can go, but keep it kind of tight and you'll be able to feel which way Jayden is going. It'll take some time, but you'll do fine. Personally I don't really like doing it because Egypt is extremely cautious and it's almost impossible to get her to speed up. She stills does well in places she knows though.