Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best friends forever - maybe

There have been whispers around the dog park that Egypt and Bob are no longer at war... these rumors were confirmed over our spring break. On our second day at my parent's house, while Bob was "resting" in his pop-up crate in my room before his lunch he started whining really badly... we ignored it of course but someone else couldn't. Egypt got up and went into the bedroom and laid down on her bed which is right next to his crate. She stayed there with him until it was time for lunch and when he went back in so did she. He didn't whine at all when she was with him. I know he's supposed to learn to be alone and not freak so after that we began shutting the door so she can't go in and "coddle" him. But it is nice to know that the dogs are finally getting along. Even though all they do is play fight they still get along very nicely (and quietly) when they're tired out. Here are a few pictures to show them behaving nicely at home :)

Here they are kind of sharing a dog bed :)
Egypt on a brown striped rectangle shaped dog bed that is on the side of the couch. Bob has his back end on one corner of the dog bed and is playing with a small white nylabone. He is in the middle of grabbing it so his mouth is open so big it looks like he is also biting his back leg, which is where the bone is at the time.

Here they are sharing some sun.
Both dogs are resting by the sliding patio door, the sun is flooding in through the open blinds. Egypt has her back against the couch and is on her side, Bob is slightly curled up and is right in front of the door, there are a few bones laying around.

They also like to share bones :) Well not really..
Bob and Egypt playing a form of tug, they are pulling on a bone but you can't see it because they both have half of it in their mouthes. They are facing each other but their mouthes are side by side so you can only see half of Egypt's head.

Here are just some pictures of Bob all by himself - he's too cute.

Bob on the couch shaped dog bed. 
Bob laying on a dog bed that is shaped like a little couch, he is on his side with his head on one arm of the couch, the bed is kind of small so he fits perfectly and looks great on it lol

Bob with a knuckle bone, see Egypt in the corner?
Bob is laying in the sun next to the patio door he has a knuckle bone in between his front paws and he's looking up at me. Egypt's nose and front left paw can be seen in the bottom right corner of the picture.

Bob soaking up some sun - possibly waiting to go outside.
Bob sitting with his back against the patio door, he has his knuckle bone at his feet and is looking at me from an angle


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Awww...that Bob is so cute, he finally won Egypt over!

Nice to see ya today -- Egypt is SO sweet, thanks to Darrell for letting me pet her, she's very soft too!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

That's so sweet! Is it hard having the two dogs? I keep wondering about whether we're ready to raise again.

That couch bed is really awesome!

Natalie said...

Nice to see you today too Beth! I'll have a blog up about it soon but other stuff has to come first lol.

Mimi - having two dogs really isn't that hard at all.. We have them on the exact same schedule so that makes it kind of easy. I have heard that having animals at home actually helps with the raising because it teaches the puppies how to behave around other dogs. I think you'll be perfect if you get into raising again. Cabana seems like a really social dog too so I bet you would have no problem with them getting along.. Egypt is really cautious around other dogs so we were always worried if Bob would be too much but she loves him now, we're worried about when he has to leave actually lol.

We got the couch bed from a Costco - it being small doesn't really affect is comfort lol, Egypt lays on it all the time ;)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

OH YAY!!!! How great! Ellie does the same thing. Seville has been crying at night when I put her in her kennel. I think she's missing her mom, and Ellie comes in my room and sleeps with me. When Seville's cries get too severe in Ellie's opinion, she gets up and goes and sits next to her.

YAY, so glad they are getting along so well. I'm sure once Bob stops teething, they'll be the best of buds.